Progress of AEON MALL

Achieving growth together with the community with an eye on the changing times AEON MALL, which has been evolving by keeping an eye on the changes in people’s lifestyles, will continue to grow hand-in-hand with regional development.

Against the backdrop of the increase in the use of motor vehicles

We innovate customer shopping by building our own markets in suburbs around the country.

We develop malls with large parking lots that bring together stores from a wide range of business categories in suburban areas to cater to the growing use of motor vehicles. We have succeeded in attracting customers who visit malls by car, and have been a leader in the era when the bases of people’s lives are shifting from cities and station proximity to the suburbs.

Amid the call to enliven communities

We are closely associated with communities as places where people gather by providing a variety of lifestyle functions.

Amid the ongoing trend of residential areas and commercial facilities shifting to the suburbs, AEON MALL has evolved into an infrastructure for local communities that is equipped with an entertainment function and an administrative and community function, as well as a function as a disaster prevention base in local communities beyond the framework of a commercial facility. Responding to calls for opening of malls, we have played a part in enlivening local communities.

Using regional revitalization in Japan and growth in Asia as the background

We design a “life for the future” tailored to regional and national characteristics.

Today, when malls stand side by side in many parts of the country, homogenization and intensified competition are progressing. AEON MALL is developing unique malls with a focus on localization, and has begun to go on the offensive in its mall opening in growth areas in Asia where the middle-class population is expanding. We will bolster our presence in local communities in Japan and overseas.

Medium-Term Management Plan 2011-2013

Positioning 2011 through 2013 as a period for building the foundation for new growth, we integrated developer business functions and bolstered our organization overseas.

Medium-Term Management Plan 2014-2016

In the pursuit of growth, we focused on developing new concept malls in Japan and fast-tracked mall openings in China and the ASEAN region.

Becoming Asia’s leading commercial developer

Operating Revenue (100 million yen)
Operating Revenue (100 million yen)