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History of AEON MALL Co., Ltd.

The following is a history of AEON MALL.

November 1911
-The Company was founded.
August 1973
-Started non-life insurance agency business in partnership with five non-life insurance companies.
December 1974
-Started life insurance agency business as an agent for American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus Japan Branch.
May 1979
-Increased the capital to 98 million yen by a paid-in capital increase through a rights offering.
September 1989
-Increased the capital to 4 billion yen.
October 1989
-Changed the corporate name from JUSCO Kosan Co., Ltd. to AEON Kosan Co., Ltd. and began developing and managing large-scale SCs.
November 1992
-Opened AEON MALL Tsugaru Kashiwa.
February 1993
-Established Shimoda Town Co., Ltd. (to develop AEON MALL Shimoda).
September 1993
-Opened AEON MALL Akita and AEON MALL Futtsu.
April 1995
-Opened AEON MALL Shimoda.
November 1996
-Opened AEON MALL Suzuka.
December 1996
-Opened AEON MALL Sankoh.
July 1997
-Increased the capital to 4.65 billion yen.
September 1999
-Opened AEON MALL Kurashiki.
March 2000
-Opened AEON MALL Narita.
September 2000
-Opened AEON MALL Okazaki.
December 2000
-Opened AEON MALL Kochi.
April 2001
-Obtained ISO 14001 certification, a set of international standards for environmental management systems.
June 2001
-Changed the corporate name to AEON MALL Co., Ltd.
-Opened AEON MALL Niihama.
July 2001
-Opened AEON MALL Higashiura.
December 2001
-Opened AEON MALL Yamato.
July 2002
-Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and increased the capital to 6,065 million yen.
September 2002
-Opened AEON MALL Takaoka.
April 2003
-Split-ups of stocks (1:1.2).
August 2003
-Increased the capital to 7,796 million yen.
-Opened AEON MALL Morioka.
December 2003
-Opened AEON MALL Ota.
August 2004
-Opened AEON MALL Hamamatsu Shiroto.
December 2004
-Opened AEON MALL Rinku Sennan.
April 2005
-Spilt-ups of stocks (1:2).
-Opened AEON MALL Nogata.
May 2005
-Opened AEON MALL Miyazaki.
November 2005
-Opened AEON MALL Mito Uchihara.
April 2006
October 2006
-Opened AEON MALL Takasaki.
November 2006
-Opened AEON MALL Kobekita.
February 2007
-Split-ups of stocks (1:2).
August 2007
-AEON MALL Co., Ltd. merged with Diamond City Co., Ltd.
September 2007
-Changed the names of all the SCs to AEON MALL.
November 2007
-Opened AEON MALL Hanyu.
-Renovated and reopened AEON MALL Kawaguchi.
-Opened AEON MALL Hinode.
-Renovated and opened AEON MALL Chiba NEW TOWN.
February 2008
-Spun-off the insurance agency business.
October 2008
-Opened AEON Lake Town (kaze).
November 2008
-Renovated and reopened AEON MALL Itami.
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Kashihara.
-Opened AEON MALL Kusatsu.
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Okazaki.
-Opened AEON MALL Beijing International Mall.
December 2008
-Opened AEON MALL Miyakonojo Ekimae.
-Opened AEON MALL Chikushino.
April 2009
-Opened mozo wondercity.
-Opened AEON MALL Hiroshima Gion.
-Renovated and reopened AEON MALL Akita.
-Renovated and reopened AEON MALL Tsugaru Kashiwa.
July 2009
-Opened perch Tsuchiura.
September 2009
-Renovated and reopened AEON MALL Hamamatsu Shitoro.
-Renovated and reopened AEON MALL Musashi Murayama.
November 2009
-Renovated and reopened AEON MALL Natori.
March 2010
-Opened AEON MALL Aratamabashi.
-Renovated and reopened AEON MALL Higashiura.
-Opened AEON MALL Yamatokoriyama.
June 2010
September 2010
-Renovated and reopened AEON MALL Neyagawa.
October 2010
March 2011
-Opened AEON MALL Kofu Showa.
-Opened AEON MALL Omuta.
September 2011
-Renovated and reopened AEON MALL Kurashiki.
-Opened HIROSHIMA DANBARA Shopping Center.
April 2012
-Opened AEON MALL Tianjin Zhongbei.
June 2012
-Opened Shopping Center soyoca FUJIMINO.
September 2012
December 2012
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Mito Uchihara.
March 2013
April 2013
-Opened Kobe Harborland umie.
June 2013
-Increased the capital to 39.7 billion 42 million yen.
July 2013
-Increased the capital to 42.1 billion 94 million yen.
August 2013
-Split-ups of stocks (1:1.1).
November 2013
-Entrusted with the operation and management commercial facilities(69 facilities) of AEON Retail Co., Ltd.
-Opened AEON MALL Toin.
December 2013
January 2014
-Opened AEON MALL Tianjin Meijiang.
-Opened AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon.
March 2014
-Opened AEON MALL Wakayama.
-Opened AEON MALL Tendo.
April 2014
-Opened AEON MALL Suzhou Wuzhong.
June 2014
-Opened AEON MALL Nagoya Chaya.
-Opened AEON MALL Phnom Penh.
October 2014
-Opened AEON MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa.
-Opened AEON MALL Kisarazu.
November 2014
-Opened AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary.
-Opened AEON MALL Tamadaira woods.
December 2014
-Opened AEON MALL Okayama.
-Opened AEON MALL Wuhan Jinyintan.
March 2015
-Opened AEON MALL Around Asahikawa Station.
April 2015
-Opened AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom.
May 2015
-Opened AEON MALL Suzhou Yuanqu Hudong.
July 2015
-Opened AEON MALL Tonami.
September 2015
-Opened AEON MALL Beijing Fengtai.
October 2015
-Opened AEON MALL Shijonawate.
-Opened AEON MALL Long Bien.
November 2015
-Opened AEON MALL Hangzhou Liangzhu Xincheng.
December 2015
-Opened AEON MALL Tokoname.
-Opened AEON MALL Wuhan Jingkai.
-Opened AEON MALL Guangzhou Panyu Square.
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Chikushino.
January 2016
-Opened AEON MALL Suzhou Xinqu.
March 2016
-Opened AEON MALL Sakai Teppoucho.
-OPA co.,ltd would be wholly subsidiary company.
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Morioka.
April 2016
-Opened AEON MALL Imabari New City.
May 2016
-Opened AEON MALL Izumo.
July 2016
-Opened AEON MALL Binh Tan.
November 2016
-Opened AEON MALL Hebei Yanjiao.
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Hiroshima Fuchu.
December 2016
-Opened AEON MALL Nagakute.
March 2017
-Opened AEON MALL New Komatsu.
April 2017
-Opened AEON SENRITO Senmonkan.
-Opened AEON MALL Tokushima.
May 2017
-Cinema building to expand the floor space and reopened AEON MALL Tokoname.
June 2017
-Opened AEON MALL Kobe Minami.
September 2017
-Opened AEON MALL Matsumoto.
-Opened AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City.
October 2017
-Opened AEON MALL Tianjin Jinnan.
November 2017
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Koufushowa.
December 2017
-Opened AEON MALL Nantong Xinghu.
-Opened AEON MALL Wuhan Jinqiao.
-Opened AEON MALL Foshan Dali.
March 2018
-Opened AEON MALL Zama.
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Miyazaki.
April 2018
May 2018
-Opened AEON MALL Yantai Jinshatan.
-Opened AEON MALL Sen Sok City.
June 2018
-Opened AEON MALL Iwakionahama.
July 2018
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Kumamoto.
November 2018
-Opened AEON MALL Tsu Minami.
-Opened AEON MALL Guangzhou Jinsha.
April 2019
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Natori.
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Higashiura.
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom.
June 2019
-Opened AEON MALL Changshu Xinqu.
September 2019
-Opened AEON Fujiidera SC.
-Renovated (to expand the floor space) and reopened AEON MALL Takaoka.
November 2019
-Opened AEON MALL Qingdao Xihaian Xinqu.
December 2019
-Opened AEON MALL Ha Dong.

*The name of shopping mall was standardized to "AEON MALL" in 2007.