Value Creation Model of AEON MALL

Creating a “life for the future” leveraging our collective strength. We will continue to provide the necessary values for the lives of local customers in the constantly changing regions, leveraging our collective strength as a commercial developer from the development to the management and operation of malls.

Business Environment/Mega Trends


  • Falling population/advancement of aging society
  • Withering regional economies/concentration of population in cities
  • Transition from the consumption of things to the consumption of values
  • Rise of the EC market/commoditization of the market


  • Economic growth in Asia/expansion of the middle-class population
  • Advancement of the Asian economic bloc (FTA network)

Values benefitting stakeholders


  • Provision of daily luxury and amusement
  • Creation of a livable and attractive community

Local communities

  • Revitalization of the regional economy by creating employment
  • Contribution to the creation of new regional charms

Partner companies

  • Provision of growth opportunities and support for sales expansion based on partnership


  • Provision of job satisfaction that will contribute to local communities
  • Provision of a place for growth opportunities for each employee

Shareholders and investors

  • Stable return of profits
Creating a “life for the future” leveraging our collective strength.