Tell Us More About the AEON MALL Strategy!

AEON MALL pursues a Long-Term Vision that defines our ideal for the fiscal year ending February 2026 (FY2025). We operate under a medium-term management plan, backcast from our Long-Term Vision. We see our overseas business as a pillar of growth and we are executing on plans to expand overseas.

We announced our Long-Term Vision in 2017. This vision details our Vision for 2025 and financial indicators through FY2025. We studied measures and plans to achieve these goals, executing under a three-year medium-term management plan.

The main points of the strategies and measures are as shown below.

As of February 2026, AEON Mall will...
Build a portfolio of multiple business models
Consolidated operating income of 85 billion yen
Be the overwhelmingly dominant mall in each region
An overseas network of 50 malls generating operating income of ¥27 billion (20% profit margin)
For example...
Open malls aggressively in high-growth ASEAN countries
Build and operate malls that are an indispensable part of local communities
Strong orientation toward ESG