Basic Approach to Eliminating Anti-Social Forces

1. Basic Approach

The Company does not engage in relationships with anti-social forces, reflecting our total commitment to compliance and defense of our corporate entity. We respond resolutely in the face of unreasonable demands and recognize our social responsibility as a company to reject anti-social forces in any form.

2. Status of Efforts to Reject Anti-Social Forces
  • Unreasonable demands by anti-social forces are not dealt with as an individual, but rather as an organization working in close coordination with third-party specialists and investigative organizations, including civil and criminal proceedings.

  • The Company is a member of the Foundation for Chiba Prefecture’s Assembly for Expulsion of Antisocial Forces. We maintain close coordination with the police and anti-crime associations, participating in efforts to collect information on anti-social forces through the reach of our various business units. We use information gathered for educational purposes internally.

  • In accordance with the Rules on Managing Transactions, the Company conducts background checks to ensure business partners are not involved with anti-social forces. This is one more way in which we work toward the rejection of anti-social forces.