Segment Information

Focusing on the Mall Business in Japan, Expanding Into China and Asia

AEON MALL is in the business of operating malls. We develop and execute strategies according to the characteristics of each region in which we do business in Japan and overseas. For these reasons, we define our financial reporting segments regionally.

As of February 2022, we have three reportable segments: Japan, China, and ASEAN.


We operate more than 160 malls and urban shopping centers in various regions in Japan In addition to expanding floor space and renovating existing malls to make them more attractive, more recently, we have focused on localizing operations to meet regional needs. We also develop new business categories, including office complexes and other value-added facilities that can be used as community spaces and health centers.

More than 160 malls


AEON MALL began our expansion into China in the 2000s, and we have more than 20 malls in operation at present. In recent years, we have continued to improve the attractiveness and vitality of existing malls by regularly reviewing market areas and leveraging the expertise we cultivated in Japan.
And we continue to open new malls, focusing mainly on inland areas (Hubei Province) where market growth has been considerable.

More than 20 malls in 4 areas


Beginning with the opening of our first mall in Vietnam in 2014, we have focused on opening new locations in ASEAN. In addition to Vietnam, where population and economic growth is expected to continue, we are expanding in Indonesia and Cambodia.Of course, we look at growth potential when opening new locations, but we also consult with local and regional governments to determine mall designs and locations that best contribute to local economies.

Expanding Into Promising Markets