Bribery Prevention Efforts

AEON MALL Co., Ltd. Basic Policy on Anti-Bribery

The AEON MALL Group shall ensure that all officers and employees of the Group (hereinafter referred to as the AEON MALL Group Personnel never seek profits by improper means such as acts of bribery in any circumstances.
All AEON MALL Group Personnel shall hereby promise to think, determine and act by themselves in each transaction, considering whether responding to requests from public officials, etc. would not impede social justice, while fundamentally complying with internal rules and regulations, etc. of the Company and other group companies.
All AEON MALL Group Personnel shall always be aware that the provision of benefits, expense supports, donations, and financial aids for illicit purposes will damage not only the culture of the AEON MALL Group, but also the sound development of the nation and regional communities, hereby eroding the AEON MALL Group commitment to compliance.
All AEON MALL Group Personnel shall, with determination and highest social values and standards, represent that they are earnest in making efforts to prevent acts of bribery.
To realize the above promises, the Company has established the Basic Policy on Anti-Bribery and all AEON MALL Group Personnel shall comply with the policy, and look upon it as the standards of ethical conduct.

March 1, 2020

Yasutsugu Iwamura
President and Representative Director