Management Policy

Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

AEON MALL Co., Ltd. (the Company) discloses financial information in an appropriate, accurate, and prompt manner under a disclosure scheme that has earned the trust of our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders.

Information Disclosure Method
The Company's financial information is disclosed according to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and related regulations, and under the Rules on Timely Disclosure specified by the Tokyo Securities Exchange (TSE). After the required disclosure of particular information, that same information shall promptly be published on the Company's Web site. The Company will also publish other information deemed to promote a better understanding of the Company's operations through this Web site, and by other means, even though such information may not be the subject of disclosure designated by the laws or regulations.

Response to Rumors
In principle, the Company does not respond to enquiries concerning rumors. Only when such rumors may have a significant impact on the Company if left unaddressed, will the Company consider taking appropriate measures.

Quiet Period
To prevent the leakage of financial information and ensure fairness, the Company specifies a period of time prior to financial announcements as a "quiet period." The quiet period runs for four weeks prior to the release of annual and quarterly financial results. During quiet periods, the Company refrains from answering questions or making comments related to financial information. However, if an event deemed to be a subject of disclosure occurs during the quiet period, the Company will disclose relevant information according to the Rules on Timely Disclosure. Further, the Company will respond to questions about previously disclosed information, even during a quiet period.