Long-Term Vision


The following represents our financial targets. We work to maximize cash flow and increase corporate value, taking into account the application of IFRS 16 to our overseas consolidated subsidiaries in FY2019.

Financial Targets Under Our Long-Term Vision
EPS Growth
(annual growth rate indexed from 2019)
Net Interest-Bearing Debt/EBITDA Ratio
4.5 times or less
Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
5% or more

The Company recorded the following indicators for the fiscal year ended February 2024.

Results for FY February 2023
EPS Growth
-12.1% (annualized)
(annualized for FY2019 to FY2023)

(Notes 1) EPS: net income attributable to owners of parent/average outstanding shares during the year

(Notes 2) Net interest-bearing debt/EBITDA ratio: (interest-bearing debt - cash and cash equivalents) / (operating income + depreciation and amortization on the statement of cash flows)

(Notes 3) ROIC: Operating income x (1-effective tax rate) / (average equity for the fiscal year + average interest-bearing debt for the fiscal year)

Policies and Strategies

Medium-Term Management Plan Established by Backcasting

To achieve our Long-Term Vision, AEON MALL created a new medium-term management plan beginning with the fiscal year ended February 2024 (fiscal 2023). The plan runs through the fiscal year ending February 2026 (fiscal 2025). In addition, we aim to achieve sustainable growth together with local communities through the creation of social and economic value through management based on an ESG perspective.