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Business Fields

In order to contribute to providing surprising, exciting, and pleasant experiences that attract people from the local community, AEON—the largest retailing group in Japan—has been using the rich know-how in retailing built up by one of its core companies, AEON MALL, to the full in developing shopping malls.

Shopping Mall Business

We are committed to developing shopping malls that meet the needs of local people and that grow with the local community. Accordingly, AEON MALL has been creating shopping malls carefully taking into account the changes in the market and their customers’ lifestyles.

Property Management Business

AEON MALL has built up a wealth of experience as a developer of shopping malls. We are also making use of our experience in developing shopping malls to help create commercial facilities for other companies that are continuing this revitalization.

New Business Projects

We established our New Business Promotion Division as a new business mainstay for our company. Utilizing our experience in developing and running shopping malls, we have started to find new ways of utilizing shopping malls and to use our experience in other fields and provide our know-how to other companies.

Tenant Leasing

We conclude leasing agreements with the tenants of our shopping malls to ensure that shoppers have a pleasant shopping experience. In cooperation with our tenants, we aim to create an ideal commercial space based around the concept of each shopping mall.

List of New Shopping Malls

Here we introduce an outline of the shopping malls we will be opening in the future.