Social Initiatives

Building Bridges to Local Communities

(Sustainable Development Goals)

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Supporting the Creation of Vibrant Communities by Highlighting Local Attractions

We work in partnership with local residents to highlight the attraction of each area and solve local issues, each mall contributing to the creation of vibrant communities.

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Communicating the attractiveness of nature in cooperation with Hanyu City, Kazo City, Gyoda City, and Konosu City in Saitama Prefecture (AEON MALL Hanyu)
Memorandum of Understanding for Industry-Academia Cooperation

AEON MALL facilities and educational institutions collaborate to further cooperation between industry and academia in each region. AEON MALL Nagoya Noritake Garden (Aichi Prefecture) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Industry-Academia Cooperation with Sanko Gakuen, and AEON MALL Hakusan (Ishikawa Prefecture) signed a similar memorandum with Kinjo University/College, Kokusai Business Gakuin, and Ishikawa Prefecture Suisei High School. In this way and others, we strengthen our cooperative framework to revitalize Local community societies, industries, and businesses.

Creating Opportunities to Play an Active Role and Revitalize Our Communities

We encourage industry-academia partnerships with schools in specialty fields. For example, an established agricultural high school and a mall specialty store collaborated to develop an original outfit reflecting the theme of local production for local consumption. A junior college child education department collaborated to produce a picture book about the Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark, a UNESCO-listed site. The students said that this was a valuable experience that differed from their regular coursework. The energy of the students who worked very hard from the beginning was almost overwhelming. As the concept of the mall states, we encourage people in the community to take on challenges, providing opportunities for others to shine. We will continue to work closely with our community, serving as a shopping mall that brings smiles to faces and inspiration to all.

image:Sales Manager, AEON MALL Hakusan Hiroki Kihara
Sales Manager,
Hiroki Kihara
Ultimate Localization to Boost Local Appeal

As stated in our management vision, we work together with our partners to take on the challenge of ultimate localization in continuing to refine the appeal of local communities. To achieve this vision, young employees at AEON MALL locations nationwide take the lead in developing plans to communicate the appeal of each region. FY2021 was the seventh year of the program. We selected 11 projects out of 354 submissions from all over Japan. For the first time in China, we received submissions for 13 projects from two malls in the Shandong Province area, selecting three projects to implement.

Communicating the Charm of Local Nature
Sai x Hoku Nature Project

AEON MALL Hanyu (Saitama Prefecture)

Between October and November 2021, Hanyu City, Kazo City, Gyoda City, and Konosu City in northern Saitama Prefecture, together with various organizations active in each city, collaborated to hold an exhibition of plants native to the prefecture. The objective of this event was to introduce visitors to the lush natural attractions of the region. In addition to exhibits of the flowers, the event featured an area for astronomical observations, providing visitors with an opportunity to come into contact with living nature. Many families enjoyed the successful event with their children.

image:Communicating the Charm of Local Nature
Highlighting the Hidden Charms of the Local Environment

The idea for the event came about after we realized the numerous attractive natural resources in the area surrounding the mall. These resources included wetlands registered under the Ramsar Convention and the world's largest rice field artwork. Our hope was to revitalize the area in cooperation with the government and local organizations, not only in Hanyu City, but also in the surrounding cities of Kazo, Gyoda, and Konosu. The exhibits, hands-on activities, and product demonstrations were all very successful. We were also impressed by the way families enjoyed learning about the local environment while interacting with our staff. We received feedback from cooperating organizations stating that they would like to continue with the event in the future, and we feel that we served as an effective communications hub to highlight the appeal of the region.

image:Sales staff AEON MALL Hanyu Mizuki Kumada
Sales staff
Mizuki Kumada
Enriching the Lives of the Elderly
Best Moments: Care Project to Make the Elderly Shine More Brilliantly

AEON MALL Yantai Jinshatan (China)

The demographic of Yantai City in Shandong Province has been aging since 1987, 13 years earlier than the national average in China. Nearly one in four persons living in the city are considered elderly. AEON MALL Yantai Jinshatan strives to raise awareness about the elderly in the community, provide elderly customers with care services, and serve as a space for the elderly to express themselves with vitality. In cooperation with various organizations, including local governments and local communities, we offer free health checkups, anti-fraud lectures, hair-cutting services, and square dance competitions for the elderly.

image:Enriching the Lives of the Elderly
Raising Awareness of Issues Faced by an Aging Society

We collaborated 10 outside organizations in an event to raise awareness of the issues of an aging society, working closely with the government through in-house teams that researched and proposed ideas of what the mall could do. Approximately 2,000 people participated in events, including a dance competition in the mall plaza. Numerous participants enjoyed the event, practicing dance every day. We were happy to receive an award from AEON MALL China in recognition of our outstanding team, which contributed to solving local issues. The mall even recorded higher sales during the event. We will continue to offer a variety of lifestyle options to the elderly.

image:Manager, Administration Department, AEON MALL Yantai Jinsha Tan Aili Lou
Administration Department,
Tan Aili Lou
Contributing to Better Health and Vibrant Lifestyles

We support healthy living both in mind and body,
striving to create a mall environment in which all visitors spend time with peace of mind.

image:Contributing to Better Health and Vibrant Lifestyles
AEON MALL Makuhari Shintoshin (Chiba Prefecture)
Healthier Lives for People of All Ages

We concluded an agreement with the Japan Conference for Health Promotion in 2020 to improve health awareness and increase the frequency of health checkups among local customers across AEON MALL facilities throughout Japan. In FY2021, we conducted a total of 58 health checkup events at 25 malls. We also began initiatives pairing an informal health experience event and the availability of same-day health checkups. For example, AEON MALL Fukuoka (Fukuoka Prefecture) offers a booth for visitors to enjoy experience healthy breathing exercises using an oxygen server, and another booth that checks for vegetable deficiencies. AEON MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa (Kyoto Prefecture) provides a special booth for health-conscious women with lectures by invited specialists. These and other projects also invite participation in cancer and health checkups to raise interest among as many customers as possible.

image:Healthier Lives for People of All Ages
Community Health Hubs Emphasizing a More Casual Approach

We are gradually expanding the scale of the program through environments in which customers can check their health status on the spur-of-the-moment while out shopping. Most of the customers who participated in the program were simply passing by at the time. Every person responding to the questionnaire at AEON MALL Fukuoka and AEON MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa were satisfied with the event and glad to have participated. Based on the feedback, we believe we are meeting a latent need through these events. Our ability to provide opportunities for customers to think about their health in a more casual manner lies in the strength of AEON MALL as a facility closely connected to daily lives. We hope to continue this initiative as a community health center, expanding the program throughout Japan.

image:Entertainment Promotion Department Yuki Habuto
Promotion Department
Yuki Habuto
The Evolving AEON MALL Walking

To support the healthy lifestyles of our customers, we offer AEON MALL Walking at nearly all malls in Japan. These malls feature a walking course in which customers can shop and casually exercise regardless of the season, weather, or time. In September 2021, we launched a joint research project on AEON Mall Walking and Health with the Center for Preventive Medical Sciences, Chiba University. Our aim here is to determine the impact of mall walking on the health and community of local residents. We will continue efforts to support healthy lifestyles in our communities through mall walking and other means.

image:The Evolving AEON MALL Walking
Roundtable Discussion: A Mall Where Dementia Patients Can Visit with Peace of Mind

We have been among the first companies to deal with the issue of dementia. Currently, 400 AEON MALL employees are registered as dementia supporters. Each mall holds regular dementia supporter training seminars for employees of specialty stores, as well as related educational events for customers. Staff in charge of dementia support training at various malls exchanged opinions on current initiatives and future issues.

image:Roundtable Discussion: A Mall Where Dementia Patients Can Visit with Peace of Mind
Using Knowledge Gained in Seminars
image:Sales Manager and Inbound Promotion Leader, AEON MALL Around Asahikawa Station Yoshikatsu Tamura
Sales Manager and Inbound Promotion Leader,
AEON MALL Around Asahikawa Station
Yoshikatsu Tamura

Shortly after taking the dementia supporter training seminar, we responded to an elderly customer who was having trouble finding his car in the mall parking lot. Remembering the speaking skills learned in the seminar and the contents of the textbook, we empathized with the customer, and took the time to find his car together. In the end, he was able to leave the mall with a smile on his face. We hope to increase the value of the mall as a dementia-friendly facility by having more employees take the seminar. We believe that there is still much more we can do to help the elderly live healthier and safer lives. These efforts include using the AEON MALL app to help prevent dementia and solve social issues such as undiscovered solitary deaths.

Community-Wide Efforts to Make Life Easier for Dementia Patients

Our mall also holds a monthly dementia supporter training seminar for employees. We condensed the program to 60 minutes to make it easier for busy employees of specialty stores to attend. And we are working to increase the number of attendees by mentioning the seminar to each store during our rounds. Some participants who themselves are caring for family members with dementia said that they felt more at ease after being able to consult with a specialist. In the future, we hope to offer opportunities to deepen an understanding of dementia in a casual and enjoyable manner. These efforts could include brain-activating exercises as events for our customers. We also hope to establish a support system in the event that a person with dementia is separated from his or her family. At the same time, we are raising awareness not only in the mall, but also across our community.

image:Sales Staff, AEON MALL Sano Shintoshi Masae Kawasaki
Sales Staff,
AEON MALL Sano Shintoshi
Masae Kawasaki
Providing Opportunities to Understand Dementia in a Comfortable Manner
image:Sales Staff, AEON MALL Itamikoya Atsuko Tanaka
Sales Staff,
AEON MALL Itamikoya
Atsuko Tanaka

In 2019, our mall was certified by Hyogo Prefecture as a Hanshin-Kita Dementia Support Shopping Town. This means we are a facility in which people with dementia can shop with peace of mind. We continue to pursue initiatives to deepen an understanding about people who live with dementia. I am personally aware of the difficulty in dealing with dementia and the need for knowledge based on my own experience as a caregiver. The dementia-friendly seminar we held for customers included a VR experience simulating the effects of dementia, which attracted the interested participation of many of the younger generation. As a Hanshin-Kita Dementia Support Shopping Mall, we hope to meet expectations and contribute to the prefecture's goal of creating a society in which people live with peace of mind in their own familiar neighborhoods.

Recognizing Corporate Activities That Demonstrate Initiative

I have been creating educational materials for and teaching dementia supporter training for about 10 years. The AEON Group has been one of the first to address this issue. Every seminar, I receive many questions from attendees. Dementia does not only affect the elderly but can impact the lives of any person; it is something that everyone should view as a personal matter. When dealing with a person who has dementia, it is important to not only have medical knowledge, but also to understand the individual. It is important to identify the needs of the customer. This holds true regardless of whether a person is afflicted with dementia. A facility for people to shop with peace of mind is an important resource for society. Because AEON MALL shopping malls are rooted in their local communities, I believe strengthening initiatives with government agencies and welfare facilities will lead to even more smiles.

image:Director, NPO Kaze no Uta Toru Nagashima
NPO Kaze no Uta
Toru Nagashima