Environmental Initiatives


(Sustainable Development Goals)

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Using Resources Effectively

We strive to solve environmental issues by reducing waste and building systems for reuse, aiming to create circular societies.

image:Distributing Recycled Clothing to Children (Chechonia Elementary School, Kingdom of Cambodia)
Distributing Recycled Clothing to Children (Chechonia Elementary School, Kingdom of Cambodia)
Creating Circular Economies

As waste becomes an increasingly serious issue worldwide, there are efforts underway to create circular economies in which products and other resources that would otherwise be discarded are utilized and recycled effectively as resources. These efforts are gaining momentum in Japan and around the world. AEON MALL, too, implements the 6Rs*, helping to create circular economies. For more than 20 years, AEON MALL has engaged in recycling by classifying waste into 17 types (currently 18 types). In FY2021, we achieved a 92.7% recycling rate (including thermal recycling) among our directly managed malls in Japan. We will continue to reduce the amount of resources used in our facilities and collect unneeded resources from customers for reuse, aiming for circular societies and revitalized local economies.

*Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Returnable

Circular Mall Concept (E.g., clothing)

image:Circular Mall Concept (E.g., clothing)

Circular Mall

Co-Creating with Customers, Tenants, and Local Community Societies to Create Circular Societies as we Leverage the Scale of Our Malls

Creating Circular Malls

To achieve zero waste, we intend to build circular mall that serve as an example and hub for regional recycling economies. We ask employees of the specialty stores to sort 18 basic items of trash to recycle resources. When malls become a collection point for household waste, clothing, and other items, they provide value to the community at large. They do so by making new products from collected items and returning them to customers, and by creating jobs through the collection process, thereby stimulating the local economy. During FY2021, we participated in a proof-of-concept test at AEON MALL Hinode (Tokyo), collecting vinyl for use in other products. We will continue to study recycling measures, aiming to create circular mall.

image:ESG Promotion Group, Strategy Department Saori Terai
ESG Promotion Group,
Strategy Department
Saori Terai
Clothing Collection: Happy Clothes Relay

In 2021, we held the Happy Clothes Relay, a program to collect used clothing from customers at 139 malls nationwide. We conducted the event in cooperation with BRING™, a recycling project operated by JEPLAN, INC. as an initiative to contribute to circular societies. We collected a total of approximately 103 tons of clothing. Clothes made from polyester fiber will be recycled and used to make new clothing. In cooperation with AEON MALL locations in Cambodia, we collected some 110 kg of clothing at seven AEON Malls in Japan. We then distributed the clothing to Cambodian children.

image:Clothing Collection: Happy Clothes Relay
Expanding the Circle: Clothing Collection Project
image:Sales Staff, AEON MALL Okayama Tatsuya Kurobe
Sales Staff,

Tatsuya Kurobe
image:Expanding the Circle: Clothing Collection Project

Since 2019, our mall worked independently to collect clothing and give customers shopping coupons in return. In the beginning, we only delivered the clothes to recycling companies. Eventually, we began working with companies in the Kojima area to sell clothes and bags recycled from the collected clothes. Our seventh such event in November 2021 collected 13,500 pieces of clothing over two days. The event included a recycling workshop given by students from a fashion college, which attracted the attention of the local media. More recently, we have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries from companies wishing to participate. We believe it is our mission to make the local community truly happy through SDGs-related projects, as we contribute to the overall profits of AEON MALL.

Overseas Mall Initiatives

Becoming a Leader in Environmental Activities (Vietnam)

Social systems are not fully mature in Vietnam, given the difficulty in finding a waste recycling partner and the enormous transportation costs when disposing of articles. Nevertheless, we aim to be a leader in recycling, not only among commercial facilities, but for the Vietnamese society as a whole. To this end, we run campaigns for plastic and paper recycling, and continue to step up measures within our mall. In summer 2022, we plan to hold a recycling-themed event for children and other customers in cooperation with our partners.

  • image:Operations Manager, AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary Nguyen Hong Cam
    Operations Manager,
    AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary
    Nguyen Hong Cam
  • image:Operations Deputy Manager, AEON MALL Vietnam Nguyen Nam Phuong
    Operations Deputy Manager,
    AEON MALL Vietnam
    Nguyen Nam Phuong

A Hub for Educational Activities and Information (Cambodia)

image:A Hub for Educational Activities and Information (Cambodia)

Interest in environmental issues is still low in Cambodia. To do our part, we created and showed an educational video inside the mall calling for plastic reduction. We produced the video in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme, the Cambodian Ministry of Environment, the Embassy of Japan, and the Embassy of Sweden. The video attracted the attention of customers, as many social media influencers appeared in the video. The government expects AEON MALL to play a role in raising social awareness, and we will continue to provide useful information in the future.

  • image:General Affairs Manager, Administration Department, AEON MALL Cambodia Han Chaikanika
    General Affairs Manager,
    Administration Department,
    AEON MALL Cambodia
    Han Chaikanika
Environmentally Sustainable Malls

We are reducing our energy consumption to create decarbonized societies and green communities.

image:We are serious. Shifting to 100% renewable energy for local production for local consumption.
Promote 100% Renewable Energy Stores

A decarbonized society is one that reduces emissions of greenhouse gases that cause global warming, aiming for effectively zero emissions. And reducing CO2, a greenhouse gas said to be particularly harmful, is an important issue. AEON MALL installs solar power equipment, EV (Electric Vehicle) recharging devices, and engages in other energy-saving measures in our efforts to achieve decarbonized societies. AEON MALL Kawaguchi (Saitama Prefecture) opened in 2021. This mall is the first large-scale commercial facility in Japan to achieve effectively zero CO2 emissions from both electricity and gas. AEON MALL Nagoya Noritake Garden (Aichi Prefecture) is the first commercial facility in the Tokai area to do so. We work with the surrounding community to create locally produced renewable energy for local consumption. In addition, we are working toward the V2AEON MALL concept in which customers supply effectively CO2-free electricity generated at home to the mall using EVs. We will continue to pursue energy-saving initiatives and the use of renewable energy.

image:Promote 100% Renewable Energy Stores

Malls Operating on 100% CO2-Free Electricity

*as of March 2022

  • AEON MALL Kawaguchi (Saitama Prefecture)
  • AEON MALL Ageo (Saitama Prefecture)
  • AEON MALL Nagoya Noritake Garden (Aichi Prefecture)
  • mozo wondercity (Aichi Prefecture)
  • AEON Fujiidera Shopping Center (Osaka Prefecture)
  • AEON MALL Fukuoka (Fukuoka Prefecture)

The AEON Decarbonization Vision
Targets Toward Decarbonized Societies

100% Renewable Energy in All AEON MALL Facilities in Japan
100% Locally Produced Renewable Energy for Local Consumption in All Directly Managed Malls
Earth Day

For the four days after the April 22 Earth Day (a day to think about the global environment), we conducted various initiatives to spend important time with customers thinking about the Earth. Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing power consumption, we held a “Light Down Relay,” which involved turning off part of the outdoor lighting at night at 138 malls nationwide. The electricity consumption saved was equivalent to one mall turning off exterior and perimeter lighting for 115 hours (approximately 4.8 days).

image:Turning Off Parts of Outdoor Lighting
Turning Off Parts of Outdoor Lighting
Learning About Environmental Issues in a Fun Way

We have also sponsored the AEON Sustaina Campus at malls nationwide since the June 5, 2021 Environment Day. The event provided an opportunity to think about environmental issues while having a good time. Activities include a quiz rally to learn about global warming and the impact of marine plastics on animals, as well as a contest sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment to encourage customers to create their own MY Bottle designs.

image:Learning About Environmental Issues in a Fun Way
AEON Hometown Forests Program

The AEON Hometown Forest Project began in 1991 in Malaysia. The AEON Group regards the tree planting initiative as an activity to embody a philosophy centered on pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local community societies, always from the customer’s point of view. Every time a new mall is opened in Japan or overseas, AEON hosts a tree planting ceremony, working with customers to plant native trees most appropriate for the local natural environment. In FY2021, we planted approximately 28,000 trees in Japan and overseas. As of the end of February 2022, the AEON Group has planted a total of approximately 12.42 million trees.

image:AEON Hometown Forests Program
Preserving Biodiversity

Rich natural habitats are necessary for preserving biodiversity, a state in which a wide variety of animals, plants, insects, and other living creatures coexist in harmony. It is said that as many as 40,000 species of organisms become extinct every year due to global warming and other problems. This situation demands urgent measures on a global scale. We are aware of the impact of our business activities on the ecosystem, and we pursue activities to preserve ecosystems as we build green facilities that are environmentally friendly.

ABINC Certification

The ABINC certification is granted by a third party, which independently evaluates and certifies biodiversity-conscious efforts to create green spaces based on the ABINC® Guidelines created and registered by the Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity (JBIB). In March 2022, AEON MALL Shinrifu North Wing (Miyagi Prefecture), AEON MALL Shinrifu South Building (Miyagi Prefecture), AEON MALL Kawaguchi (Saitama Prefecture), AEON MALL Hanyu (Saitama Prefecture), AEON MALL Ageo (Saitama Prefecture), and AEON MALL Hakusan (Ishikawa Prefecture) received ABINC® certification, bringing the total number of certified malls to 15.

Other Malls Receiving
ABINC Certification

  • AEON MALL Tamadaira Woods (Tokyo Prefecture)
  • AEON MALL Zama (Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • AEON MALL Matsumoto (Nagano Prefecture)
  • AEON MALL Tokoname (Aichi Prefecture)
  • AEON MALL Nagakute (Aichi Prefecture)
  • AEON MALL Toin (Mie Prefecture)
  • AEON MALL Sakai Teppoucho (Osaka Prefecture)
  • AEON MALL Shijonawate (Osaka Prefecture)
  • THE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA (Hiroshima Prefecture)
ABINC Certification as a Guideline for Preservation Activities
image:Manager, Construction Planning Department Megumi Sasaki
Construction Planning Department
Megumi Sasaki

Preserving nature is a pressing issue worldwide, as evidenced by the adoption of the 2030 Nature Compact at the G7 Summit in 2021. Decarbonization is a means to protecting the global environment. Similarly, preserving biodiversity has become another essential part of sustainable corporate activities. AEON MALL considers ABINC certification—a scientifically established standard—as our guideline. ABINC-certified AEON MALL Hanyu (Saitama Prefecture) is engaged in a ultimate localization project (P23). This approach is an ideal effort to solving local issues and communicating the appeal of nature. In addition to Tree Planting Ceremony and Tree Nurturing Ceremony, AEON MALL aims to create value for our communities through ongoing activities that reflect the unique nature found in every location.