Social Initiatives

Diversity and work-style reform

(Sustainable Development Goals)

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Providing a work environment in which all our employees can play active roles for a long time

We provide a comfortable work environment for all employees, including those in our specialty stores. We also support working styles that match changes in life stages.

image:Providing a work environment in which all our employees can play active roles for a long time
AEON MALL Shinrifu (Miyagi Prefecture)
Promoting the Application for Parental Leave

We are establishing various systems and creating environments that encourage the use of parental leave, to support employees in balancing work with childbirth and childcare. 63 employees (including 36 males) took parental leave in FY2021. For male employees, the increase is approximately double compared to FY 2019. In addition, the company promotes the active participation of men in childcare and provides a variety of support services.

Reducing stress by participating in childcare as a couple

My wife decided to take a one-and-a-half-year parental leave and I took a parental leave of about 1 month. By taking on childcare as a couple, we were able to spend time addressing concerns together and also focus on necessary preparations for our future life together. No reason is needed to apply for parental leave; in fact, you're more likely to be questioned about the reason if you don't apply for leave. I felt that a company-wide consensus was forming around the idea that it was perfectly natural for men to also take parental leave. I was concerned about how my duties would be divided within the department, but everyone was happy to cooperate and the handover went smoothly. The human resources department was very helpful and friendly. I was also reassured by reading the in-house guidebook, Ikunabi, which helped me deepen my understanding of childcare. Now that I understand the perspective of households with children, I'd like to apply it to my future work.

Consolidated Control Group, Business Administration Department Takahiro Higashiguchi

As we experienced all the difficulties of raising a child for the first time, it was good to have the time to think together about how to approach childcare and how to handle the daily routine after my husband returned to work. I felt like I had someone I could talk to about even the smallest things, and that helped me to keep my composure.

Sales Planning Department Misa Higashiguchi

image:Reducing stress by participating in childcare as a couple
Support for the best parental leave
image:Diversity Promotion Group, Personnel Department Chihiro Kawabata
Diversity Promotion Group,
Personnel Department
Chihiro Kawabata

The Personnel Management Department aims to create an environment in which employees can be active for many years regardless of their stage in life. Now that dual-earner households have become the norm, both parties need to participate in family and childcare in order to build long-term careers, regardless of gender. As part of this effort, we have introduced a Parenatal Leave Application Planning Sheet to encourage male employees to take parental leave with peace of mind. Soon after the pregnancy is confirmed, the sheet helps us formulate an optimal plan for parental leave by taking into account the wishes of the individual, family, and department concerned. We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have, such as work coordination and salary, and resolve them one by one. In the future, we will work to create an environment in which both men and women can more easily balance work and home life. This will include the achievement of long-term leave for all our employees.

Publishing of a guidebook to teach employees and their partners about childbirth and child rearing

We publish and distribute Ikunabi, an in-house guidebook, to help employees balance work and childcare. This enables them to focus on childbirth and childcare with peace of mind and makes the return to work easier. Written with the topics of raising children and nurturing careers in mind, this guidebook is an easy-to-understand summary of the systems and benefits, as well as the necessary knowledge and procedures applicable at each stage. Each department utilizes this booklet for work-life management.

image:Publishing of a guidebook to teach employees and their partners about childbirth and child rearing
Opening AEON Yume-mirai (Dreams for the Future) Nursery Schools

As part of developing an environment in which the child-rearing generation can continue to work with peace of mind the AEON Group has established 32 AEON Yume-mirai (Dreams for the Future) Nursery Schools (22 of which are located at our commercial facilities), which are available to employees of AEON Group companies and specialty stores, as well as local residents. In principle, they will operate year-round according to the business hours of each mall in order to support the creation of environments at each of our specialty stores that can accommodate the hiring of staff who balance work and childcare so that they can continue working for a long period of time. There are other advantages to locating day care centers inside of malls. We can plan events unique to the area or even host aporting events in AEON Hall without needing to worry about the weather. These features create opportunities for children to grow both mentally and physically.

image:Opening AEON Yume-mirai (Dreams for the Future) Nursery Schools
Supporting the success of employees of the specialty stores
Improved work environment for employees of the specialty stores

Labor shortages have become a societal issue. As developers, we believe we have a responsibility to create workplace environments that support the long-term careers of employees of the specialty stores at our commercial facilities and improve employee satisfaction. We have introduced various measures in pursuit of this belief. By installing dedicated convenience stores, powder rooms, and massage chairs in employee break areas, we continue to systematically create spaces where employees can relax both physically and mentally. In addition, we are actively working to take excellent examples of ES improvement measures being implemented at individual malls and apply them throughout our commercial facilities.

image:Relaxation Room
Relaxation Room
Aim at improving customer-serving skills

We hold Customer Service Role-Playing Contest at domestic and overseas malls, where specialty store employees compete with each other in order to improve their customer service awareness and the skills they have cultivated on a daily basis. We believe it is important to provide our customers with not only an attractive commercial environment and products, but also smiles, greetings and attitudes that make the customer feel comfortable when shopping with us. We aim to further improve our service mindset with this in mind. In China, where the event was held for the fifth time, all employees of the specialty stores from a total of 20 malls participated, with 40 of them competing in the national competition. The national competition was conducted via live commerce for the first time and was broadcast simultaneously at 20 malls.

image:AEON MALL Beijing International Mall (China)
AEON MALL Beijing International Mall (China)
Creating opportunities for future-oriented growth

We are committed to human resources development and provide opportunities for employees to discuss their career development concerns. We also create an environment where employees can work with peace of mind while considering their future lifestyles.

image:Creating opportunities for future-oriented growth
AEON MALL Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Office
Overseas malls that create opportunities for career development (outside of Japan)

We currently have 34 malls in China and ASEAN countries. Our basic policy is to operate overseas malls with local staff under a global corporate philosophy. We promote human resources development and active promotion to executive positions.

A company where employees can make the most of their respective abilities

I have been with the company for 6 years and I feel that the company provides its employees with good opportunities for career advancement. The company has an extensive training program and evaluations are fair. Our Basic Philosophy, Customer First, is so thorough that it cannot be compared with other companies. In the beginning, I sometimes wondered how far I should go when applying it, or felt that the strict discipline was difficult to adhere to in the actual workplace. Now that I've come to understand the corporate philosophy, I want to sincerely and proactively contribute to achieving our goals.

image:General Manager, AEON MALL BSD CITY Amelia
General Manager,

Achieving more objective and fair evaluations

Specific goals are set for each employee, and personnel evaluations are carefully conducted by supervisors, department heads, and general managers. Starting next year, we are considering the introduction of interviews and other measures to further ensure objectivity and fairness. I believe that the salary structure should be based on each individual's ability, separate from his/her title. I hope that you will trust your local staff more and provide them with more opportunities to prove their abilities.

image:Senior Manager, Personnel Management and General Affairs Department, PT.AEON MALL Indonesia Ronnie Mahadika
Senior Manager,
Personnel Management and General Affairs Department,
PT.AEON MALL Indonesia

Ronnie Mahadika
Providing support for work styles that match the growth and lifestyles of employees

Our Basic Personnel Philosophy is to listen to our employees' opinions, to understand how they feel, and provide them with opportunities to best utilize their talents. We are committed to creating a workplace environment where employees can thrive and play an active role. Career plan interviews for employees aged 28, 35, and 42 provide an opportunity for each individual to discuss career development concerns and future plans with the Personnel Management Department, and also a chance to rethink their lifestyle.

Reducing anxiety about career development
image:Reducing anxiety about career development

The career interview was an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective life planning. In the future, I hope to utilize the knowledge and experience I have gained in my current department, which supports multiple malls, in a setting that puts me in closer contact with customers. As a woman, when I envisioned my future life plan, I was concerned about whether I would be able to balance work with childcare and family life when I have a child. The interviews were held in a friendly atmosphere, and the person in charge was attentive to my concerns and actively considered my requests. I believe that there are many people who are similarly concerned about their own careers, and I hope that the range of interviewees is expanded so that and more people can get help in their career development.

image:Chushikoku Business Department Yuka Sugiyama
Business Department

Yuka Sugiyama
Clearing a path to goals
image:Sales Manager, AEON MALL Hinode Takeshi Iizuka
Sales Manager,

Takeshi Iizuka
image:Clearing a path to goals

I had a desire to be involved in mall operations from the start of my employment in 2013. I have acquired experience in sales promotion and facility management. In the future, as a general manager, I would like to create safe and comfortable malls with a variety of attractive stores. At the career interview, the interviewer, after confirming my intentions, considered my career plan with me, and gave me friendly advice. I was able to learn in detail what I could not have learned just by reading the regulations. This led me to new insights. I was able to conceive a vision of the path I should follow to achieve my goals, and I would like to make use of this in my future career planning.

Helping to plan each individual's career

Based on the basic human resources development policy of carving out one's own career, the Personnel Management Department conducts interviews as part of its support for individual career development. The career plan interviews are targeted at three different ages. Age 28, when life stages are likely to change; age 35, when employees play a central role in their work; and age 42, when they have gained experience and broadened their perspectives. These are the ages when employees have many opportunities to rethink their careers. We work together with employees to dispel any concerns that they may have, and consider their future career paths. In addition, we prepare them for career stagnation due to marriage or childbirth, or in the event that nursing care or medical treatment is required. The interviews enable us to become familiar with each employee's individual aspirations, which we cannot grasp from only the self-reporting system under which employees submit their career plans to the company twice a year. We use this information to identify, train, and assign personnel who can embody our Management Philosophy. In addition to this, we would like to encourage self-development by providing various learning opportunities in the future, and support the self-realization of our employees by expanding internal recruitment. From the perspective of health and productivity management, with which a work-life balance can be achieved, we will work to foster an awareness of the need to improve the health of each and every employee, to utilize paid leave, and to reduce long working hours by improving work productivity.

image:Director, Personnel Department Tomoko Nakagaki
Personnel Department

Tomoko Nakagaki