Social Initiatives

Developing community and social infrastructures

(Sustainable Development Goals)

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Seeking Safety and Security in Times of Emergency

To prepare for natural disasters, we build cooperative relationships with various organizations and create resilient malls tailored to local needs.

image:Seeking Safety and Security in Times of Emergency
AEON MALL Okazaki (Aichi Prefecture)
Nearly All Malls in Japan Have Signed Disaster Prevention Agreements

We establish strong partnerships with external partners such as governments and private companies to create safe and secure communities. In Japan, nearly all of our malls have concluded agreements with local governments for cooperation in disaster prevention activities. AEON has concluded agreements with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., and ten electric power companies throughout Japan. In the event of an emergency, we will cooperate and provide support, including infrastructure development and supplies, to serve as a base for reconstruction. On June 21, we concluded an agreement on industry-academia collaboration between AEON MALL, the International Research Institute of Disaster Science at Tohoku University (global-leading research institute on disasters), and the AEON Environmental Foundation. The agreement includes the establishment of AEON Joint-Research Department for Disaster Prevention Environment Cities, which will engage in social contribution activities centered on disaster prevention and disaster mitigation, forest design, and responses to infectious diseases.

image:Nearly All Malls in Japan Have Signed Disaster Prevention Agreements
National Disaster-Prevention Caravan

The Scout Association of Japan and the AEON Group are leading the National Disaster Prevention Caravan at malls and other venues across the country to teach knowledge and skills related to disaster prevention that will be useful in the event of an emergency. In FY2021, the sixth year of the program, we held events at 25 AEON Group commercial facilities. The proceedings included teaching Programs scout skills such as rope work, simplified stretchers, and a handicap experience to deepen understanding of the elderly and people with disabilities. In this way, we contributed to improving local disaster prevention and response capabilities.

image:National Disaster-Prevention Caravan
Turning Malls Into Disaster-Prevention Sites

We strive to provide safety and security through malls that are disaster-resilient. We develop facilities that function as disaster relief facilities to aid in quick community recovery in the wake of a disaster.

image:Turning Malls Into Disaster-Prevention Sites01
We design the ceilings of atrium spaces to minimize secondary damage from falling objects by reducing the weight per unit area.
image:Turning Malls Into Disaster-Prevention Sites02
Emergency power generators have been installed to ensure power supply to the Disaster Prevention Center, offices, and other major administrative offices in the event of a power outage.
image:Turning Malls Into Disaster-Prevention Sites03
Earthquake-resistant water tanks are equipped with an emergency water supply outlet to ensure access to drinking water, even in the event of a water outage or power failure.
image:Turning Malls Into Disaster-Prevention Sites04
Important equipment, including power facilities, are installed in high locations that are not affected to avoid flooding from tsunamis or other water damage.
Peace of Mind in the Wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake

AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama (Fukushima Prefecture)

Disaster-Prevention Mall Offers Security
image:Disaster-Prevention Mall Offers Security

The AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama (Fukushima Prefecture) opened in June 2018. We developed this mall in partnership with Iwaki City to support the area affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Iwaki City was particularly damaged by flooding in the aftermath of the disaster. Our mission is to protect the safety of our communities through disaster preparedness, as well as to create a symbol of reconstruction to restore the spirit of the region. We focused on designing the first floor, which normally attracts the most visitors, as a pilotis structure to minimize tsunami flood damage. When learning of the tsunami caused by an eruption off the coast of Tonga in January 2022, a number of local residents evacuated to the mall. I think this proves that the community is beginning to see AEON MALL as a sanctuary in the event of a disaster. We will continue to provide safety, considering and installing facilities necessary at each mall based on the disasters foreseen in each region.

image:Manager, Kanto Development Department Toshiyuki Kasui
Kanto Development Department
Toshiyuki Kasui
Hands-on Disaster Prevention Events Involving Local Communities

In November 2021, AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama held a disaster awareness event called, "Let's do it! Iwaki Disaster Prevention Expo." A tsunami evacuation drill with the participation of local residents was held as part of the training. Through efforts to raise awareness of disaster prevention, the mall endeavored to answer the desires of the many people involved in the development of this Disaster Prevention Mall, which will serve as a reconstruction center in the event of a disaster.

image:Hands-on Disaster Prevention Events Involving Local Communities
Greater Peace and Security Through Training and Review
image:AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama Operation Staff Kanae Terauchi
AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama
Operation Staff
Kanae Terauchi

In response to the increasing number of children who did not experience the Great East Japan Earthquake, AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama held a number of hands-on events for elementary school students. One event was a workshop in which participants made their own omamori (charms) by folding papers on which they had written their family's disaster prevention promises. Some children expressed the desire to make an omamori for their grandparents, as well, showing the concept of family disaster prevention taking hold. During the tsunami evacuation drills, we raised awareness of the mall as a temporary evacuation facility, communicating the all-hours evacuation route to the mall rooftop. To protect the safety of our customers, we must not only offer disaster prevention equipment in terms of hardware, but also to improve the soft skills of the employees who operate the mall. Through ongoing efforts, we will continue to fulfill our role as a disaster-prevention mall.

Working with Businesses to Create a Disaster-Resilient City

When we heard about the project from AEON MALL, we were excited to cooperate as a city. The evacuation drill was held in conjunction with the city's comprehensive disaster drill, and local residents and people from nearby facilities participated as if it were a real disaster event. Thanks to the appropriate response of the employees, we were able to confirm once again that the mall can be used effectively as a tsunami evacuation center in the event of an earthquake. We intend to strengthen our disaster-response system further by using this case as a model for disaster prevention efforts led by the private sector. We hope to cooperate with AEON MALL in the community development of a crisis management model for Iwaki City, having the mall serve as a disaster-prevention site in the Onahama area to eliminate casualties caused by natural disasters.

image:Assistant Manager, Disaster Preparedness Division, Crisis Management Department, Iwaki City Fumitaka Mochiji
Assistant Manager,
Disaster Preparedness Division,
Crisis Management Department
Iwaki City
Fumitaka Mochiji
Unique Disaster Prevention Activities at Malls in Japan and Overseas

Every person working in the mall has a high level of awareness of disaster prevention and participates in related tasks.
Here, we introduce activities at AEON MALL facilities that offer peace of mind to our customers.

image:Unique Disaster Prevention Activities at Malls in Japan and Overseas
AEON MALL Shin Komatsu (Ishikawa Prefecture)
Comprehensive Disaster-Prevention Training That Encourages Personal Responsibility

AEON MALL Wakayama (Wakayama Prefecture)

Safer Malls Through Continuous Training
image:Operation staff Junki Nakano
Operation staff
Junki Nakano
image:Comprehensive Disaster-Prevention Training That Encourages Personal Responsibility

We aim to serve as a mall the protects the safety of our community, the foundation of daily living. To this end, we actively conduct disaster-response drills. In addition to creating conditions similar to that of an actual earthquake without announcing drill scenarios, we encourage workers to take personal responsibility by having specialty stores assign teams in advance and discuss situational responses. In December 2021, an earthquake measuring 5 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale occurred before the opening of the mall. The general manager was not available, but each employee inside the building did his or her part to confirm the situation and responded professionally, proving the results of regular drills. Through continuous training, we discover and address issues in various situations, always pursuing safety without being satisfied with the status quo. Our desire is to serve as a facility needed by the community, a place where people feel safer because they live near an AEON MALL.

Establishing a Role as a Disaster-Prevention Sites

AEON MALL Nagoya Chaya (Aichi Prefecture)

Providing Opportunities to Learn and Encouraging Engagement
image:Providing Opportunities to Learn and Encouraging Engagement

In November 2021, we held the Hands-on Disaster Prevention Fest 2021 over the course of one week. Encouraging visitors to become engaged in learning about natural disasters, the event included an escape game in which participants solved riddles based on their knowledge of disaster prevention. We also offered a simulated flooding experience using AR goggles. I was impressed by the enthusiastic participation of both children and adults. We also asked for the cooperation of specialty stores, having customers to create their own disaster prevention bags by purchasing various products from each store. This event was well received by the specialty stores in the mall. Our mall has also signed a tsunami evacuation agreement with the City of Nagoya, and we are preparing to accept evacuees on a temporary basis in the event of a tsunami. We hope to communicate the mall's role to the community through ongoing events, establishing AEON MALL as a disaster-prevention site.

image:Operation staff Shun Ijiri
Operation staff
Shun Ijiri
image:Operation staff Futaba Sekido
Operation staff
Futaba Sekido
Creating Safety in the AEON MALL Lifestyle Zone

AEON MALL Atsuta (Aichi Prefecture)

A Mall That Contributes to Better Community Development
image:Operation Manager Ayami Kanemori
Operation Manager
Ayami Kanemori
image:Sales Manager Sumika Ohhira
Sales Manager
Sumika Ohhira
image:A Mall That Contributes to Better Community Development

As part of creating AEON MALL lifestyle zones, which seamlessly integrate products, services, and lifestyle infrastructure for local residents, our mall has pursued a wide range of initiatives, including raising disaster awareness and promoting healthier living. In 2019, we acquired naming rights for the municipal road leading from the nearest station to the mall, and nicknamed the road, "Atsuta Happiness Street.” Our December 2021 disaster-prevention event was attended by 26 organizations, nearly four times more than originally planned. This participation was thanks to the expanded ties with government agencies and businesses with which we had been in active communication on a daily basis. We will continue to strengthen our efforts to make the mall a more trusted presence. These efforts will include the resumption of joint training drills with local residents, which were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ongoing Fire Prevention Activities

Aeon Mall Tianjin Jinnan (China)

Recognized as a Regional Fire Safety Model Company for Focused Fire Prevention
image:Recognized as a Regional Fire Safety Model Company for Focused Fire Prevention

AEON MALL Tianjin Jinnan (China) conducts intensive fire prevention measures to enhance the safety of our facilities. These safety management activities, including regular facility inspections and disaster prevention training, has helped our mall achieved zero accidents in 2021. We have also been certified as a regional model fire safety company based on recommendations from the Jinnan District government and fire brigade. We feel that our everyday efforts have inspired the trust of the government and various other organizations. Early detection and response to fires are important to ensure the safety of our customers and mall employees. And there is no finish line in the pursuit of safety. Our mall will continue to work on a united front to create a facility offering an increasingly strong sense of security.

image:Manager, Administration Department Pengcheng Li
Administration Department
Pengcheng Li
Fire Prevention Activities (Highlights)
  • Increased the number of personnel in charge of fire prevention
  • Installed fire detection systems, equipment to prevent sprinklers from freezing, etc.
  • Conducted department-based training on customer evacuation guidance (60 sessions during 2021; 2,500 participants, including specialty stores and AEON MALL employees).
  • Updating disaster prevention systems as needed through information exchange with the government
Improving Convenience as a Lifestyle Hub

We are adopting digital technologies and improving the public nature of our facilities to provide convenient customer experiences as hubs for daily living.

image:Improving Convenience as a Lifestyle Hub
AEON MALL Tokoname (Aichi Prefecture)
Promote Smart Shopping Mall

We pursue smart mall initiatives, which introduce cutting-edge digital technologies to make shopping more convenient and comfortable for customers. In Indonesia, we work with JD.ID, a leading e-commerce platform operator, to improve customer convenience. Here, we are integrating the online and offline worlds, operating a virtual AEON Mall and sharing a livestreaming platform.

image:Promote Smart Shopping Mall01
For example, AEON MALL Kawaguchi (Saitama Prefecture) and AEON Mall Hakusan (Ishikawa Prefecture) both feature a mobile ordering service. Customers use the AEON MALL app to order and pay at food and beverage specialty stores, receiving products without having to wait in line at the store.
image:Promote Smart Shopping Mall02
AEON MALL Nagoya Noritake Garden (Aichi Prefecture) began proof-of-concept tests using augmented reality for users to experience zoo, aquariums, and other virtual spaces from within the AEON MALL app.
image:Promote Smart Shopping Mall03
Customers also use the food delivery service, which collects orders at a delivery center delivers food conveniently to homes or other destinations.
image:Promote Smart Shopping Mall04
AEON MALL Tokoname (Aichi Prefecture) began tests of noncontact delivery services. Here, an autonomous robot delivers items ordered via the app to locations within the facility.
Certification as a DX Certified Business Operator

In January 2022, we obtained certification as a DX Certified Business Operator under the DX Certification System established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The DX Certification System is a government-approved system that certifies companies with excellent management and system governance in accordance with the Law Concerning the Promotion of Information Processing, with the aim of promoting DX (Digital Transformation) in Japan as a whole.

image:Certification as a DX Certified Business Operator
Expanding Universal Design

In 2005, we unveiled the first full-scale universal design in a commercial facility. Our objective was to ensure all visitors spend their time comfortably and with peace of mind in our facilities. AEON MALL Nagoya Noritake Garden (Aichi Prefecture), an office complex commercial facility that opened in October 2021, installed gender-neutral restrooms to create an environment friendly to all work styles.

image:Expanding Universal Design
Early Voting Poll Locations

AEON MALL facilities provide polling stations to make it easier for families with children and students to vote in a comfortable environment. This public service makes elections more accessible and provides an environment easier for employees working at the mall to vote. We offered early voting poll locations for the 49th General Election of the House of Representatives in October 2021 at 55 AEON Malls and AEON Shopping Centers nationwide. We also provided same-day polling stations at two locations.

image:Early Voting Poll Locations
Large-scale medical clinic inside AEON MALL

AEON MALL Nagoya Noritake Garden (Aichi Prefecture) opened the Nagoya Garden Clinic, a large-scale medical clinic affiliated with Nagoya University Hospital. The clinic offers a wide range of 20 different medical departments. The clinic also provides advanced medical examinations and physical examinations, providing peace of mind to residents in the community through facilities and advanced medical care comparable to those of a large general hospital.

image:Large-scale medical clinic inside AEON MALL
Learning Spaces That Leverage Local Community Characteristics

In March 2021, AEON MALL Kobe Minami (Hyogo Prefecture) opened a study space called Minna no Manabiba. This space responds to the requests of local residents for a free place for children to study. With 40 seats for self-study and 18 seats for reading, anyone can come at any time to study or read. The space also hosts events such as multicultural exchange and picture book readings unique to Hyogo Ward. The interior was decorated with illustrations by Hyogo-based The Rocket Gold Star (Hideaki Yamazaki), and the space was created with a detailed focus on the character of the Hyogo Ward section of Kobe.

image:Learning Spaces That Leverage Local Community Characteristics
Working with the Community to Solve Issues

We believe in the importance of working with the local community to solve local issues, so we worked with the ward's community development department, local non-profit organizations, social welfare organizations, and many others to open a study space in the mall. The mother of one high school student thanked us, saying, "I am so glad that AEON MALL has stepped forward to solve an issue that has been an ongoing problem since my generation.” In addition to the design, we also added books related to Hyogo Ward, and focused on making the space a place for local learning, not just a study room. The chairs, tables, and study lights in the space are movable, allowing us to change the layout to suit any event. We plan to sponsor events and add to the library of books, making the space a place for lifelong learning to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

image:General Manager, AEON MALL Kobe Minami Yuji Miyamoto
General Manager,
AEON MALL Kobe Minami
Yuji Miyamoto