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We are committed to creating value only available through brick-and-mortar malls.
At the same time, we strive to solve local community and social issues.
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As a core company of the AEON Group, we develop and operate commercial facilities. As of the end of February 2022,we operate a total of 196 locations in Japan, China, and ASEAN, and as a Life Design Developer, we are involved deeply in the daily lives of local residents whose patronage we enjoy. As a company that operates large-scale facilities, we strive ceaselessly to provide a safe and comfortable environment for local residents and employees working at our facilities. This is particularly true amidst an increasing number of serious disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic, abnormal weather caused by climate change, and earthquakes.

In today's rapidly changing social environment, lifestyles are changing in dramatic ways. In this environment, we use digital technology to analyze changes in customer consumption and purchasing behavior. This technology helps us maximize the value of the customer experience as brick-and-mortar malls, while taking into account customer lifetime value. Our entire company backs the Happiness Mall concept, creating spaces of happiness not only for our customers, but also for local communities. In these spaces, we support healthy lifestyles and enrich the quality of life, helping energize customers and create smiles when they visit with their beloved families and friend.

In addition, we endeavor for social value and economic value as a sustainable company, contributing to sustainable societies. To this end, we pursue Heartful Sustainable in our activities that contribute to the development and revitalization of local community societies. We also strive to create an organization in which every employee share in the “why” of AEON MALL, deciding for themselves what they can do for us to achieve the essence of ESG management practices.

This document reports on our activities during FY 2021, along with the thoughts of our employees in connection with the Important Subjects (Materiality) we have established for AEON MALL. We hope you read this report and continue to support and cooperate with the AEON MALL Group.

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President and CEO
Yasutsugu Iwamura