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New Business Projects

AEON MALL established its New Business Promotion Division to make better use of its expertise in the development of multiple shopping malls with a view to finding new business opportunities.
We believe that we will be able to provide customers, tenants, and other companies with great advantages by creating new value through our expertise in shopping malls.

Creating New Business that Exploits the Potential 20 to 30 Years from Now

For AEON MALL to continue to grow, we thought it was necessary for the Company to have a new business mainstay. To this end, we established the New Business Promotion Division, which comprises experienced members from across a range of departments.
For us, creating new business does not mean entering a new industrial field. Instead, we are studying how to implement business projects that make use of our strengths and the experience we have accumulated in the development, running, and management of Malls in suburban areas.

Developing Our "Mall Business" to Build Win-Win Relationships between Companies and Malls

AEON MALL has experience in dealing with a number of companies in developing and managing its Malls. We have Malls across the country and can provide companies that want people to focus on their special features or who want to promote the sales of their products with opportunities that will help them achieve their goals effectively. This will be beneficial also for AEON MALL; holding events for trendy companies and products and utilizing Malls as spaces for corporate advertising will increase the number of people who visit the centers.
In order to produce the greatest merit for both the companies and ourselves, we have set up a Mall Business Development Department in our New Business Promotion Division. In this department, we are formulating and proposing measures that make use of the attractive space in our Malls to bring profits to both the companies and AEON MALL.
AEON MALL’s employees who are working in its Malls are displaying their unique skills there, responding to needs that differ according to the event. Each of our employees cooperate with the companies that hold events in their Malls, and this in turn leads to an increase in the number of shoppers, and hence sales in the Malls.

Developing New Business by Applying the Experience We Have Gained Through the Development and Management of Malls

AEON MALL has been utilizing its experience with developing and managing Malls to open new AEON MALLs and renovate existing ones. Realizing that we can also use our experience across a wider range of businesses, we have started to take on new business opportunities in applying our know-how in fields other than Malls and providing other companies with that know-how.
For example, we are involved in the mall renovation business, in which we propose plans to renovate Malls for other companies in response to the needs of the times, and provide consulting services through our property management (PM) department. We are thus launching new business projects.
In these new business projects, we fulfill our mission to revitalize local communities by taking a different approach from the one needed in developing and managing our Malls.