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Shopping Malls Business

For AEON MALL, developing shopping malls does not only mean establishing commercial facilities. It also means helping develop the local community.
We regard it as our mission to develop a Mall that will serve as a local community center in an area that is cherished by local inhabitants. By providing space for people and cultural exchange, the shopping mall will contribute to the development of the local area, which will in turn promote the growth of the mall itself.

Doing Business Always From a "Customer First" Viewpoint

People’s lifestyles are becoming increasingly diversified and their needs are changing day by day. In response, AEON MALL is developing Malls that fulfill multiple functions, including the provision of most advanced products, services, and information.
By incorporating a range of functions into a Mall so that it can provide a variety of goods and foodstuffs, amusement facilities including a cinema complex, and public services such as medical and banking services, we can create a pleasant and convenient space where visitors from any age group can have surprising and exciting experiences.

Creating an Attractive Mall in Close Cooperation with Local Communities

AEON MALL is committed to developing the optimal Mall for the targeted area by identifying the area’s features as a commercial zone and local needs.
In developing a Mall, it is essential for us to build strong relationships with local municipalities and communities. We have real experience in Mall development projects that were regarded as core projects for promoting local industries and urban development in close cooperation with the local residents and organizations.
To ensure that our Malls continue to provide value to customers, we are striving to maintain Malls that look fresh and attractive by managing them using all our know-how. For example, we replace some tenant stores with new ones to meet the changing features of local markets and needs, expand and renovate the shopping floors in a planned manner, actively improve the facilities, and organize and hold special events in the Malls.

Keeping Our Malls Attractive to Tenants

For AEON MALL, tenant stores in its Malls are important business partners. In choosing the stores who become our tenants, we see to it that not only national chain stores but also local stores and newcomers to the local area will be included in a unique but well-balanced way, so that the Mall will give both a new and a familiar impression to shoppers.
We give advice to our tenant stores to help them create attractive shopping spaces, support them in collecting and analyzing sales information, and provide them with seminars on how to deal with customers. We thus provide our tenants with meticulous support services that only a developer versed in retailing can offer.