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Tenent Leasing

As a business partner in creating the ideal Mall space, we provide customer stores with really satisfactory tenant leasing services.

Flow of Tenant Leasing

Flow of Tenant Leasing

Creating Mall Spaces that Attract Even More Visitors

In order to create comfortable Mall spaces that people will want to visit again and again, we utilize our experience, network with a range of different tenants, and use our detailed regional marketing data accumulated as a developer specializing in commercial facilities to provide unique leasing services to tenants that attract more consumers to their stores.
Before concluding a leasing agreement, we examine financial data on the prospective tenant, including their sales, the tenant’s ideas on social contributions and activities to protect the global environment, the tenant’s attitude towards improving customer service, and compliance with laws and regulations. We create ideal Mall spaces with our tenants who are also committed to contributing to the economic and cultural development of local communities.