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Corporate Governance

Directors and Auditors (As of April 2019)

  • President
  • Akio Yoshida
  • Director Executive Vice President
  • Kaoru Iwamoto
  • Chief Development Officer
  • a
  • Seiichi Chiba
  • Chief Financial Officer & Chief Overseas Business Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Akio Mishima
  • Executive General Manager,Sales Division
  • a
  • Mitsuhiro Fujiki
  • Executive General Manager, Leasing Division
  • a
  • Mitsugu Tamai
  • Executive General Manager, ASEAN Division
  • a
  • Hisayuki Sato
  • Executive General Manager, CHINA Division
  • Director and Advisor
  • Motoya Okada
  • Director
  • Masahiko Okamoto
  • Executive General Manager, Administration Division
  • a
  • Hiroshi Yokoyama
  • Executive Manager, Development Planning Management Department, Development Division
  • a
  • Akiko Nakarai
  • Executive Manager, Digital Promotion Management Department, Sales Division
  • a
  • Yasutsugu Iwamura
  • Executive of Vietnam, ASEAN Division
  • Director (Outside)
  • Mami Taira
  • (Independent Director)
  • a
  • Masao Kawabata
  • (Independent Director)
  • Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member(Outside)
  • Maki Watanabe
  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member(Outside)
  • Takao Muramatsu
  • (Independent Director)
  • a
  • Emi Torii
  • (Independent Director)
  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member
  • Hideki Hayami

*Mami Taira and Masao Kawabata are outside directors as defined in the Companies Act, and independent director based on the rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
*Maki Watanabe, Takao Muramatsu and Emi Torii are outside corporate Audit & Supervisory Board Members as defined in the Companies Act.
In addition, Takao Muramatsu is an independent director under the rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and are appointed to report Emi Torii as an independent director in accordance with the Tokyo Stock Exchange Listing Regulations.

Organization (As of April 2019)

organization chart

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