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AEON MALL CO., LTD. President and CEO Akio Yoshida

We are becoming “Happiness Mall”,
where people gather and communicate with smiles.

AEON MALL is the leading company of AEON group to develop and manage shopping malls, and we have successfully developed 195 shopping malls in Japan, China, and ASEAN countries as of February 2018. In Japan, we have been continuing to meet new needs of our customers by concentrating on floor expansions and large-scale renovations of our existing malls while simultaneously opening new malls. Also, we believe that a commercial property for the future should play a role as a place for local community where interaction and memories are born through real experiences, and with that in mind, we have been aggressively making efforts to realize a “Happiness Mall” since the beginning of this fiscal year. We will continue to create new value which can only be obtained in our malls where local residents gather and their needs can be satisfied.
In China and ASEAN countries, we have steadily boosted brand value of our company through our dominant strategy to focus on opening malls by carefully selecting areas. People look forward to AEON MALL’s in various regions because our properties are always directed from perspective of customers, and consequently local people and specialty stores give credit to our detailed management and operation. In addition, like malls in Japan, the utilization of natural energy on which we have consistently worked, our response to the dissemination of electric vehicles, and our creation of lush green environment are some of elements that enhance social trustworthiness of our company in the area.
Furthermore, each of specialty stores and AEON MALL resolve issues by building strong partnerships that transcend conventional framework, such as sharing issues about securing employment of specialty store employees and improving work environment, and by aggressively exchanging opinions and making quick responses.
By focusing primarily on these activities, this site introduces our efforts on regional, social, and environmental fronts, which are inseparable from AEON MALL’s original corporate activities. I am looking forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Akio Yoshida

President and CEO