Connection with local communities

  • Cultural preservation and inheritance
  • Low birth rates, aging society
(Sustainable Development Goals)

Example Report

Evolving AEON MALL Walking in collaboration with industry, government and academia

To support customers' healthy lifestyles, AEON MALL offers AEON MALL Walking at nearly all shopping malls in Japan by setting up a walking course in the building, through which customers can enjoy shopping and physical exercise regardless of the season, weather, or time.
In collaboration with Chiba University Preventive Medicine Center, AEON MALL Miyazaki (Miyazaki Prefecture) and AEON MALL Higashiura (Aichi Prefecture) are running Spatial Design Program based on zero-order prevention to promote “health awareness”.
AEON MALL Miyazaki is also working to raise awareness of health in cooperation with Miyazaki Prefecture’s official walking smartphone application "SALKO" featuring pedometer and ranking functions.

Spatial Design Program based on zero-order prevention to promote "health awareness"
Step Walking

By walking on the design, you can compare your own stride with the appropriate stride for your age and height.

Climb Walking

This walking activity encourages the active use of stairs to increase physical activity. As you climb up and down, you can enjoy nursery rhymes playing and colorful designs.

Balance Walking

As an opportunity to review walking posture, walkways are set up to measure walking age based on walking speed, balance, posture, etc., and feedback is provided.

Supporting Japan Sports Agency's Sport in Life project

AEON MALL has been cooperating with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Japan Sports Agency in their efforts to improve health. In 2019, we endorsed the new project "Sport in Life" advocated by Japan Sports Agency. For two months from July, we implemented a sports experience project "Mall de Sports" that utilized a cool and comfortable mall environment throughout about 150 malls. Participants were able to experience the fun of moving their bodies while attending sports experience events and shopping.

Looking forward to AEON MALL’s potential as a place to discover sports

As global sports events continue to be held in Japan, we have launched the "Sport in Life" project to realize a society in which as many people as possible can get involved in athletic activities.
With the goal of raising adult’s sports participation rate to 65%, the sporting world as well as a broad range of companies and organizations are participating in this project.
Sports do not necessarily require special facilities or preparation. We encourage people who have never engaged in sports to incorporate physical activity habits into their daily lives and continue to enjoy them. Walking activities carried out at AEON MALLs all over the country are an absolutely ideal way for customers to take walks without having to change their clothes, all the while enjoying shopping and getting into the habit of exercising.
I hope that AEON MALL, as a gathering place for many people, will continue to facilitate interactions through sports, and contribute to the realization of an inclusive society with parasport as well.

Yoko Fujie
Deputy Director General, Japan Sports Agency
Town development agreement with Saiseikai

We have entered into an agreement with the Social Welfare Organization Saiseikai Imperial Gift Foundation which embodies social inclusion through the comprehensive provision of medical, health and welfare activities, and are contributing to local town development in which both parties are based. As the first step of our contribution activities, in June 2019, we held AEON MALL Walking and an experience fair regarding medical field for children at AEON MALL Takaoka (Toyama Prefecture) under the theme of "Health".

Creating opportunities for opera viewing

In our pursuit of designing a mall that will become a place of relaxation for local residents, we are offering them the opportunity to become more familiar with opera by cooperating with The Japan Opera Foundation (The Fujiwara Opera / Japan Opera Association).
Opera appreciation events have been very well received since it was first held in 2017, and the number of performances to date has reached 132 times. This fiscal year, we've expanded the scale and held opera concerts in a total of 28 malls.

Strengthening health awareness by bringing joy to exercise

AEON MALL's concept of "Happiness Mall" has also spread to our customers. We would like to establish the image of "AEON MALL = Sports" by making efforts to contribute to healthier living, such as further evolution of the AEON MALL Walking program we have been promoting to date. We will continue to provide a setting where customers can have fun while building their physical strength.

Akio Mishima
Managing Director and General Manager of Sales Division
"Ultimate localization" to increase the charms of the region

In order to achieve one of our management visions, "We work with our partners to take on the challenge of ultimate localization that continues to enhance the charms of the region", we are soliciting unique plans, mainly from young employees, to promote the charms of the region. This year, our fifth year, we received 297 proposals from malls across the country.

Strengthening relationships of trust with the local community by making continuous regional contributions
AEON MALL Niihama (Ehime Prefecture)

"Toyo Monozukuri Festival 2019" is an event held with the aim of conveying the high level of manufacturing technology and the fun of manufacturing to the locals. This event has been held since it was selected for the "Ultimate localization" project in 2017. At this year marked the third festival, we deepened further cooperation by organizing an executive committee with governments, local companies, and colleges of technology, and realized a more advanced project than that of the first year.

Amazing manufacturing skill competition (Empty can copter flight duration competition)

Contestants made an "empty can copter" by cutting, bending and gluing empty cans (up to 500ml), and dropped it from the second floor onto the designated area, competing to see how long it would stay in the air. Until last time, only companies and schools involved in manufacturing participated. This time, we recruited participants from the general public as well, and 34 groups including children faced off against each other.

Working men’s and women’s coordinated outfit collection

Nine people working at manufacturing sites in Niihama City and Saijo City served as models, and each person's work scene was displayed along with the coordinated outfits selected by each specialty store.
Visitors enjoyed the big difference in the contestants’ appearances.

Building a relationship that allows us to share our city's challenges

One of the projects in the regional promotion event held jointly by three cities including Niihama City was also carried out at the Toyo Monozukuri Festival.
Since many customers come to AEON MALL for shopping, even those who are not usually interested in manufacturing participated in this event.
Because the executive committee of "Toyo Monozukuri Festival" that has been organized by AEON MALL was launched this time, I feel that an organizational structure was established for participating organizations. We were able to create events together by proactively taking part in planning and operation while exchanging opinions.
We would like to work with AEON MALL to solve various problems confronting Niihama City including the shortage of human resources in the manufacturing industry.

Toru Ishikawa
Deputy Section Manager
Industry Promotion Section, Economic Affairs Department Niihama City
Executive Committee launched to hold continuous events

As this is our third year cooperating in this event, we have built a better rapport with AEON MALL.
Wishing to broaden the appeal of the manufacturing industry by continuing this project, we launched an executive committee to create a public environment all citizens can easily participate in.
The “Empty can copter flight duration competition” is useful not only for companies to earn recognition by showing off their high technical skills, but also for uniting our employees to achieve their shared goals. By recruiting a wide range of participants from various fields not limited to the manufacturing sector, many people were able to experience the fun of industrial production.
In the future, we would like to help solve the workforce shortage in the manufacturing industry by promoting the Toyo Monozukuri Festival throughout the 77 cooperatives, as well as by putting more efforts into public relations activities.

Hiroshi Fujikawa
Secretary General
Niihama Machine Industry Cooperative
Evolving into a project to further revitalize the region

As the "Ultimate localization" project, I proposed "Toyo Monozukuri Festival" in 2017, my first year after joining the company.
The festival has been getting more exciting year by year, and the third festival has evolved into a project that everyone can enjoy.
In order to ensure future continuity, the Executive Committee that was formed this time shares operation know-how with manufacturing companies and governments.
"Working Men's and Women's Coordinated Outfit Collection", which has been held since the first event, exhibited coordinated outfits for a certain period using panels by changing the conventional method. In addition to reducing the burden on participants, which has been an issue for a long time, this year's exhibition was well received by apparel specialty stores, commenting that "Customers can view our clothes for an extensive period."
I feel that we are strengthening our ties with the local community by continuing the exhibition and consulting with the authorities about other matters not relating to the event as well.
As for the future, I would like to keep developing myself so that I can fulfill customers' expectations as an employee of AEON MALL.

Miho Nagashima
Sales staff, AEON MALL Niihama
Creating self-development opportunities for employees while revitalizing the region

The number of project proposals in 2019 increased by about 1.5 times since we launched the "Ultimate localization" project in 2015.
Many of them were diligently formulated by our young employees and locally based part-time staff to boost each region. Projects that are more rooted in the local community and receiving high hopes from the authority have been increasing in recent years.
In addition to having the person in charge of the best project give a presentation at our headquarters, since the year before last , we have been holding training sessions where leaders of successful cases could share their experiences and their struggles as a learning opportunity and self-development facilitator for young employees selected from all over the country.
As this project leads to a chance for staff to realize their visions, I look forward to seeing more of our employees' free ideas in the future.

Akio Mishima
Managing Director and General Manager of Sales Division
Cooperating with local governments and companies as a place to appeal our attractiveness to the world

Taking advantage of malls' characteristics as a place visited by many in China and ASEAN countries, we provide a platform for local governments and various companies to promote the charms of Japanese industry and culture to the local people.
As a hosting venue for various events from sales channel development of Nara Prefecture's premium lumber to cultural cuisine festival, AEON MALL has become a hub connecting Japan and overseas customers.

Dementia supporter training course

In February 2020, AEON MALL Shimotsuma (Ibaraki Prefecture), in cooperation with Shimotsuma City and related organizations, held a dementia supporter training course for customers.
There, participants learned about dementia and cautionary advices when communicating with people who have dementia, as well as doing exercises that stimulate and activate the brains.
Simultaneously with such courses across malls in Japan, we also hold further training lectures for staff of our company and specialty stores to learn how to approach customers with dementia.

Clean & Green Activities

On AEON Day, which is held on the 11th of every month, we join hands with specialty stores' staff and carry out cleaning activities in many areas around the mall including sidewalks, parks, and tree-planting zones.

AEON Happy Yellow Receipt Campaign

Yellow receipts are issued for purchases made on the 11th of each month. If you put your receipts in special boxes with respective local welfare organization names on it, we will donate AEON gift cards equivalent to 1% of the total revenue shown on the receipts to the charity named. AEON MALL's total donation amount in FY2019 was 36,519,447 yen.

FY2019 fundraising activity results
(AEON MALLs throughout Japan)

As part of the AEON group's social contribution activities, we receive a lot of support every year from customers for our fundraising activities held at our malls.

Tohoku disabled person manufacturing support fund Feb.9-Mar.10 2019 JPY 3,857,879
Myanmar school construction support fundraising Apr.1-Mar.26 2019 JPY 6,936,570
24-hour TV program charity fundraising Jun.15-Sep.1 2019 JPY 30,072,260
2018 July heavy rain (Hiroshima, Okayama, Ehime) disaster emergency support fundraising Jun.20-Jul.21 2019 JPY 451,688
AEON UNICEF safe water campaign fundraising Sep.14-Oct.13 2019 JPY 2,318,779
2019 August heavy rain disaster emergency support fundraising Sep.10-Sep.23 2019 JPY 390,900
2019 Typhoon No.15 emergency support fundraising Sep.15-Oct.15 2019 JPY 3,684,866
2019 Typhoon No.19 emergency support fundraising Oct.14-Oct.31 2019 JPY 11,556,452
2019 Typhoon No.19 emergency support fundraising Nov.1-Nov.17 2019 JPY 6,803,695
Shurijo Castle support fundraising Nov.1-Nov.30 2019 JPY 12,434,709
Asian disabled person support fundraising Dec.1-Dec.15 2019 JPY 2,832,150
Total JPY 81,339,948
Supporting refugee aid activities
(Japan for UNHCR)

As an opportunity to deepen our understanding of refugees around the world, we conducted the campaign in collaboration with the UNHCR Association, the official support agency of UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), in the period before and after World Refugee Day (on June 20) which was enacted by the United Nations General Assembly.
Having a support booth at 29 malls to provide information about materials on refugees, etc. and serve as a fundraising window, we invited a lecturer to give a speech at AEON MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa (Kyoto Prefecture) and AEON MALL Tamadairanomori (Tokyo).

Supporting children around the world
(Japan Committee for UNICEF)

Since 2010, we have been supporting the Japan Committee for UNICEF, which has a cooperation agreement with UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) to protect the lives and rights of children. We provided space to solicit participation in our fundraising program at our 77 malls in FY2019. In addition, AEON MALL Funabashi (Chiba Prefecture) held a walking event where visitors could visit museums and other places to experience the local culture and donated participation fees to the Japan Committee for UNICEF.

Cooperating in blood donation activities
(Japanese Red Cross Society)

By providing blood donation venues at our malls across the country, we received cooperation from 196,431 people throughout the nation in FY2019.
AEON MALL Hiroshima Gion (Hiroshima Prefecture) and AEON MALL Natori (Miyagi Prefecture) held events for parents and children so that the children can become interested in blood donation from a young age.
In December, student volunteers took the lead at our 35 malls in calling for blood donations especially from the same generation.

Support for traditional events and festivals

AEON 1% Club Foundation supports local contribution activities in three main themes of "Sound Development of the Next Generation", "Promotion of Friendship with Foreign Countries", and "Sustainable Development of Regional Communities" based on the donations of 1% of pre-tax profits from major AEON group companies.
During Niihama Taiko Festival, one of the three major festivals in Shikoku, which was held over a period of three days in October 2019, AEON MALL Niihama (Ehime Prefecture) organized "AEON MALL Niihama Taiko Night" in support of the festival. The event attracted many people from faraway who came to enjoy the powerful performance.

SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

Along with our ISO26000 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we are also working on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) which consists of 17 articles for sustainable goals which are described in “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” that was adopted as a development goal of the entire international community at the United Nations Summit held in September 2015.
This report introduces AEON MALL's efforts on these development goals with a description of respective marks.