• Climate change, global warming
  • Protecting biodiversity, resources
(Sustainable Development Goals)

Example Report

Elimination of disposable plastic products starting with promoting plastic-free straws at all malls

In recent years, there has been an accelerating trend worldwide to reduce the use of plastic products which are found to affect the ecosystems such as marine organisms.
AEON MALL has also been proactively promoting activities such as recycling 94.9% of plastic wastes (FY2019) to realize sustainable malls and preserve the global environment. In addition, with our future goal of eliminating disposable plastic products, all our malls stopped offering plastic straws at food and drink specialty stores (excluding some stores) on March 16, 2020.
Environmentally friendly alternatives such as paper straws are available to customers who require them.
We will continue to reduce the use of plastics by holding discussions with tenant companies.

Endorsing the "plastic-free straws" concept as a specialty store

Our company has stores such as "Fresh Juice Bar Karin" offering juice made from ripe fruits in about 90 AEON MALLs.
As we deal with fruits that are heavily dependent on the weather, we have long had a great interest in environmental issues, a shared awareness even within our company. Around the autumn of 2019, we were approached by AEON MALL about eliminating plastic straws.
We immediately agreed with this request because we were also considering the introduction of paper straws.
Operations for the staff working at our store in the pilot mall proceeded without any problems, and I feel that our customers have accepted our transition smoothly.
For the sake of a sustainable society, we will continue to pursue further waste reduction.

Takeshi Watanabe
Managing Director
General Manager, Fruit Bar Sales Division
Fruit Aoki Co., Ltd.
New challenges to make our malls even more environmental friendly

We reached out to owners of food and beverage stores operating at our malls to explain and call for the removal of plastic straws. A majority of them has given us their understanding and cooperation for which we are extremely thankful. Although it may take some time for some companies to roll out the changes due to a number of reasons, they have agreed with our proposal in principle.
Rather than just switching from plastic straws to paper ones, we want to reduce the use of straws altogether by offering customers the choice to opt out.
Going forward, we intend to share our policies and deepen relationships and help specialty stores face environmental issues through different efforts such as asking for the understanding and cooperation of food and drink specialty stores scheduled to open regarding elimination of plastic straws.
Since international sports competitions and other global events are set to be held in the future, we will reduce the use of plastic products in our malls, with an eye on the growing global environmental awareness reflected in domestic consumption trends.

Mitsuhiro Fujiki
Managing Director
Executive General Manager, Leasing Division
Accelerating the elimination of plastic straws at overseas malls

Vietnam ranks 17th out of 109 countries in the world in terms of annual plastic waste emissions. It is estimated that the average weekly use of plastic shopping bags is 35 pieces per household, and about 938 million bags are used in the entire country.
In order to reduce plastics usage, since World Environment Day on June 5, 2019, AEON MALL Binh Tan has been holding "Non-Plastic Straw Day" on the 5th and 20th of each month, dedicated to the use of alternatives to plastic straws.
Six stores in the food court are now offering rice straws to customers.
All 5 malls in Vietnam are undertaking the initiative as they gradually adopt plastic alternatives.

Working towards a carbon-free society(Promoting energy conservation efforts)

AEON MALL is striving to achieve a “50% reduction in energy consumption compared to FY2010”, which was set as a goal to be achieved by 2020 under the "AEON eco Project" launched in 2012. Furthermore, under the “AEON Decarbonation Vision 2050” announced in March 2018, we aim to realize a “carbon-free society” by 2050 as a new challenge for the AEON group through various activities such as utilization of renewable energy and promotion of energy saving. At the moment, there are 13 outlets of "Smart AEON" (12 of which under AEON MALL's management) representing an eco-friendly model store we have been working on. We are also engaging in the development of a more advanced “Next-generation Smart AEON” from a decarbonization perspective, and AEON MALL Zama (Kanagawa Prefecture) significantly reduced CO2 emissions compared to AEON's typical stores.

82% of all our employees have passed the Eco Test

We have been encouraging our employees across Japan to acquire Eco Test certification in order to raise awareness and promote efforts for environmental protection, and 1,327 employees, which is about 82% of 1,619 eligible employees, have passed the Eco Test.

Utilizing solar power generation
Adoption of a solar power generation system at all 88 malls

Ahead of other commercial facilities, we have installed solar power generators at 71 malls in Japan and 17 malls overseas. Some of them have adopted a system capable of generating electricity even during a power failure.
AEON MALL Sen Sok City (Cambodia) has 1 MW class solar power generation facilities and high efficiency chiller installed on the rooftop, with the aim of achieving a significant CO2 reduction of approximately 1,564 tons per year.

Introduction of PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) model

AEON Fujiidera Shopping Center (Osaka Prefecture)

We have introduced a PPA model in which an electric power company installs solar panels on the premises or roofs of electricity consumers and the consumers purchase the generated electricity.
AEON Fujiidera Shopping Center (Osaka Prefecture) has solar power generators installed on the rooftop that generate output equivalent to the annual usage of about 30 ordinary households and uses it to power a part of the mall.
AEON MALL Matsumoto (Nagano Prefecture) and AEON MALL Tsu Minami (Mie Prefecture) are scheduled to start introducing this model in June 2020.

Effective use of surplus household electricity

The AEON group seeks to expand the use of renewable energy in cooperation with Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.
Chubu Electric Power collects the surplus electricity generated by home-based solar power generation and gives WAON points in proportion to the amount of electricity customers provide.
The collected power is used to assist CO2 emissions reduction measures at AEON MALL Nagoya Chaya, AEON MALL Nagakute, and AEON MALL Okazaki in Aichi Prefecture.
In April 2019, these 3 malls began receiving electricity generated by renewable energy plants that do not produce CO2.
About 6,700 tons of CO2 were cut down in 9 months from April to December 2019.
We plan to undertake similar approach with electric power companies in other regions.

Verification test to utilize electricity stored in electric vehicles at a mall

V2H (Vehicle to Home) effectively utilizes electricity stored in the batteries of electric vehicles (EVs) by providing (discharging) the electricity to homes or other facilities.
Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., Enegate Co., Ltd., Sakai City (Osaka Prefecture), AEON Co., Ltd. and AEON MALL are conducting tests using this V2H at AEON MALL Sakai Teppocho.
In this test, we forecast time zones where electricity demand will increase in the mall, and request the monitoring customers who own an EV to cooperate with us.
Electricity discharged from individual EVs are used in the building and WAON points are awarded to customers who cooperate with us.
This test is attracting attention as an attempt, which will lead to the RE100 and EV100, to put the "virtual power plant" to practical use, in which multiple EVs are collectively controlled and used like a single power plant in order to balance the supply and demand of electricity.

AEON MALL Sakai Teppocho (Osaka Prefecture)

AEON Hometown Forests Program

“AEON Hometown Forests Program” started in 1991 in Malaysia.
The AEON group conducts tree-planting activities to realize the basic principle of “dedication to the pursuit of peace, respect for human dignity and contribution to local communities by focusing on customers”.
When opening a new mall in Japan and overseas, we hold a tree-planting ceremony where we plant trees that are maximally suited to the region's natural environment with our customers.
In FY2019, AEON MALL planted about 28,700 trees at 4 newly opened malls in Japan and overseas.
The cumulative number of planted trees of our group reached about 12,120 thousand as of the end of February 2020.

Promoting eco-activities at environmental events

In support of the Ministry of the Environment's initiatives to promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we held "Re-Style FES!" at AEON MALL Makuhari New City (Chiba Prefecture).
We also held educational, enjoyable workshops, and exhibitions for children to raise their awareness of AEON MALL's plastic-free initiatives.

Waste reduction and recycling

Regarding the reduction of waste discharged from the mall, it is important to have specialty stores cooperate with us to clarify "what, where, and how much waste is disposed" and have them become aware of the problems.
At every mall, a system has been introduced to classify waste into 18 basic items and weigh separately.
After weighing each item, specialty stores put a sticker on it to indicate that it has been weighed. The waste will then be disposed of at each item's designated area.
The mall recycles as much separated waste as possible and calculates the recycling rate for each item.

Total amount of waste discharge and recycling rate in FY2019
Directly managed domestic mall recycling rate (including thermal recycling) 89.4%
Amount of waste discharge and recycling rate
1 Garbage 16,060t 91.9% 2 Cardboard 23,262t 100.0%
3 Miscellaneous refuse 23,110t 74.8% 4 Waste plastic 3,543t 94.9%
5 Waste plastic (valuable) 106t 100.0% 6 Plastic bottle 606t 100.0%
7 Other bottles 367t 97.5% 8 Can 606t 100.0%
9 Expanded polystyrene 132t 100.0% 10 Waste oil 2,167t 100.0%
11 Paper 2,433t 100.0% 12 Bulky refuse 216t 92.7%
13 Other non-combustible refuses 1,399t 61.6% 14 Fluorescent lamp 17t 91.9%
15 Waste battery 16t 87.6% 16 Disposable chopsticks 115t 97.0%
17 Waste alkali / peeling liquid 17t 23.0% 18 Sludge 5,321t 90.4%
Efforts to classify waste in Cambodia

Along with the rapid economic growth, the increase of waste has become a social problem in Cambodia.
More than 2,500 tons of waste is discharged every day in the urban areas of Phnom Penh. Among other problems, it is pointed out that 80% of the waste is landfilled without being properly treated.
Under such circumstances, AEON MALL has taken the initiative to create environmentally friendly malls, and AEON MALL Sen Sok City was awarded by the Minister of the Environment as an exemplary shopping mall committed to environmental protection.

Building a recycling system through comprehensive management

Waste is separated at each specialty store and then kept temporarily at a waste collection point. Processing of recyclable waste is outsourced to an NGO.
We contribute to improving the recycling rate by ensuring thorough management, for example, by having cleaning staff check that waste is properly separated by type. Because the practice of properly disposing of waste has not yet taken root in our daily lives, we are trying to share AEON MALL's awareness of the environment by educating the staff of specialty stores through new employee training, and by providing them with monthly guidance.
We are also promoting the reduction of resource use in our office and trying to reduce the amount of waste by reviewing the use of supplies.
By continuing to educate the staff, I would like to reinforce the importance of recycling and help raise environmental awareness throughout the country.

Im Vibolka
Administration Manager
AEON MALL Sen Sok City
Specialty stores are also cooperating

The waste collection point is very easy to use because it is kept clean and tidy.
Recyclable wastes such as aluminum cans and plastic bottles are properly reused, and I feel that AEON MALL's environmental initiatives and principles are wonderful.

Seat Kakada
Customer Service
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

Along with our ISO26000 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we are also working on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) which consists of 17 articles for sustainable goals which are described in “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” that was adopted as a development goal of the entire international community at the United Nations Summit held in September 2015.
This report introduces AEON MALL's efforts on these development goals with a description of respective marks.