Regional and social infrastructure development

  • Develop sustainable and resilient infrastructure
  • Responsible consumption and production
(Sustainable Development Goals)

Example Report

Disaster response in the 2019 Boso Peninsula Typhoon
AEON MALL Kisarazu (Chiba Prefecture)

A huge typhoon that landed in the Kanto region from September 9th to 10th, 2019 caused extensive damage, including prolonged power and water outages, and destruction of houses in Chiba Prefecture.
AEON MALL Kisarazu acted as a regional infrastructure and played the role of a reconstruction base.

Main damage situation in Chiba Prefecture
Maximum instantaneous wind speed: 57.5 m/s
Damage to housing (completely destroyed, half destroyed, partially damaged, inundation above the floor, inundation below the floor): 67,369 houses
Power transmission tower: 2 towers collapsed
Utility pole: 1,750 poles damaged
Power outage: about 640,000 houses
Water outage: about 89,000 houses

Cooperation with Kisarazu City

Under the partnership agreement signed in September 2014 between Kisarazu City and AEON Co., Ltd. prior to the opening of AEON MALL Kisarazu, both parties had joined hands to offer support to disaster-stricken citizens, providing food through the AEON Kisarazu store and operating special shuttle buses.

Three days after the typhoon made landfall, we consulted with AEON MALL amidst a food shortage chaos even at convenience stores. Thanks to AEON MALL's rapid procurement of rice balls, we could then provide them to people seeking refuge at the community center due to housing damage and blackouts.
In December, we held "Kisarazu Disaster Prevention Festa" at the mall in cooperation with the Self-Defense Forces and related authorities. Through this event, we were able to reinforce the importance of disaster prevention in the mind of many residents. I would like to further strengthen our city's disaster prevention system by deepening cooperation with related organizations.

Tetsuya Sekiguchi
Section Manager, Crisis Management Section,
General Affairs Department, Kisarazu City
Serving as a base for local infrastructures support

AEON MALL Kisarazu suspended business on September 9th and 10th to confirm the safety of the staff of specialty stores.
After confirming the facility's safeness, the mall resumed business operation from the 11th to continue providing food and daily necessities while also serving as a recovery base to ease the burden of various regional infrastructures.

Drinking water

We installed an emergency outlet in the mall’s water tank and provided drinking water to local residents affected by the water outages.
Since we checked the water quality every day, we were able to smoothly notify the city and the public health center.


In consultation with Kisarazu City, for three days from the 16th, we operated special shuttle buses that looped around between four evacuation centers in the city and the mall.
We responded to the needs of elderly people who were unable to go shopping and children who wanted to play and exercise in a wide-open space.

Mobile phone charging stations

We installed temporary charging stations (for up to 46 phones at a time) for customers whose smartphones became unusable due to prolonged power outages in some areas.
These stations operated almost full-time and were effectively used.


The Cosmo Oil sales station operating on the mall premises resumed business on the 11th.
A lot of customers in dire need of refuel came to the station. Our employees cooperated to offer help such as guiding the cars.

Serving as a base for power restoration

Under the “Mutual Assistance Agreement in Event of Disasters” signed in June 2019 by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. and AEON Co., Ltd., we provided parking spaces at the mall (for up to 1,000 cars) to Tokyo Electric Power Company and other electric power companies in Japan, as well as a conference room in the building.

We would like to express our gratitude to AEON MALL Kisarazu for their great cooperation as a base for recovery from this disaster the scale of which we had never experienced before.
The agreement we signed with AEON Co., Ltd. a few months ago worked effectively.
When a large-scale power outage occurred on the 9th, we contacted AEON headquarters with a request for 800 car parking slots.
Our application was swiftly communicated to the site and we received prompt cooperation from AEON MALL Kisarazu.
Even when our recovery efforts were taking longer than expected, they were very kind, saying "Don't hesitate to use the parking space" and also helped us procure various supplies.

Teruhiro Yata
Deputy Director, Disaster Prevention Department
General & Legal Affairs Office
Management Planning Unit
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

Tokyo Electric Power Company and nine electric power companies from all over Japan came to AEON MALL Kisarazu.
The parking lot and the conference room were used effectively because it was efficient to convey information to many workers assembled in one place.
Unlike using a park or a schoolyard, it was easy for the workers to buy food and supplies at AEON MALL Kisarazu, so I think their burden was greatly reduced.
The staff at the office always treated us with kindness and the staff at the restaurants also extended a warm welcome to us, for which I would like to thank everybody on behalf of the on-site workers.

Akihiro Takimoto
Manager, Kisarazu Area Power Distribution Construction Group
Kisarazu Branch
TEPCO Power Grid, Incorporated
Our initiatives to realize "Smart Mall”

We aspire to realize “Smart Mall” where digital technology enhances convenience for shopping customers.
Positioning AEON MALL Makuhari New City (Chiba Prefecture) as a pilot mall, we are promoting the installation of various cutting-edge technologies.

Shopping mobility

In response to the needs of seniors who want to enjoy shopping without getting fatigued, we rent out motorized wheelchair carts to help them move around the building.
The carts come equipped with baskets that can hold large items and have well-designed handlebars for safe operation, which makes it easier for the seniors to use the cart.

Mini AI information terminal

Information terminals are installed at numerous locations within the mall. Activated either by touching the screen or voice commands, they help customers navigate the mall facilities, specialty stores of their choice, duty free shops, bus timetables, etc. Besides Japanese, the terminal’s language is also available in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Shopping navigation

We have introduced a system that allows customers to search for specific products across specialty stores and compare them without having to move around the mall.
Customers can use this system to search items not only by categories or entering keywords, but they can also use photos on hand to look for similar products.

Promoting the popularization and use of EV

AEON MALL Musashi Murayama (Tokyo)

AEON MALL Ha Dong (Vietnam)

Since 2008, AEON MALL has been advancing the installation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers at each mall to promote the spread of CO2 emission-free electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, with the aim of preserving the global environment and realizing a sustainable society.
As of the end of February 2020, we have established a network of 1,837 chargers at 138 malls in Japan, and also installed 564 EV chargers at 14 malls in China and 3 EV chargers at 2 malls in the ASEAN region.
Furthermore, we have installed 20 chargers for EV motorcycles at AEON MALL Ha Dong (Vietnam).

Universal design

AEON MALL is working on continuous improvement by introducing quality universal design for our customers to lead a comfortable life and by listening to our customers such as conducting surveys periodically.

Promoting the use of public transportation

Some of our shopping malls within walking distance of stations are rewarding customers who visit malls by train. Also, we are working with railroad companies and transportation bureaus to create a better environment where customers can visit the malls by using public transportation including shuttle buses, we operate to connect the mall and station or the mall and airport.

Installation of polling station

We will be setting up polling stations when an election is held to improve the living services of local residents.
We provided a convenient voting environment not only for customers but also for employees working at our malls with easy access to buses stopping at the mall or to the large parking lot for those coming by car.
In the 25th ordinary election for the House of Councilors held in July 2019, we set up early polling stations (including same-day polling stations) at 56 AEON MALLs and AEON shopping centers nationwide.

SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

Along with our ISO26000 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we are also working on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) which consists of 17 articles for sustainable goals which are described in “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” that was adopted as a development goal of the entire international community at the United Nations Summit held in September 2015.
This report introduces AEON MALL's efforts on these development goals with a description of respective marks.