• Connection with local communities
  • Regional and social infrastructure development
  • Environment
  • Diversity and decent work
  • Responsible business promotion

Materiality (material issues to be addressed by AEON MALL)

Connection with local communities

  • Cultural preservation and inheritance
  • Low birth rates, aging society

Regional and social infrastructure development

  • Develop sustainable and resilient infrastructure
  • Responsible consumption and production


  • Climate change, global warming
  • Protecting biodiversity, resources

Diversity and decent work

  • Helthy lives and well-being
  • Diversity and inclusion , decent work

Responsible business promotion

  • Human rights
  • Bribery

AEON MALL uses materiality analysis to identify factors that have a significant influence on value creation over the medium and long term.
We intend to design strategies and policies to address these factors and set key performance indicators to measure execution in the future.

Materiality Matrix

Materiality Matrix
Step 1

Identify Topics

We identified relevant social issues by referencing sources including DJSI*1, FTSE*2, GRI, generally accepted industry issues, etc.
The AEON MALL Group defined 34 topics related to our business in Japan and overseas, reflecting SDGs and issues specific to Japanese society.

  • Sustainability stock index selected by S&P Down Jones Indices (U.S.) and RobecoSAM (Switzerland)
  • Based in London, the FTSE calculates and manages stock indices.
Step 2

Importance to Stakeholders

We used the SASB* and other guidelines, as well as categories used by ESG benchmarking organizations, to assess importance to stakeholders.

  • U.S.-based Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
Step 3

Importance to AEON MALL

We used our management philosophy and mediumterm management plan to ascertain the importance of these topics to AEON MALL.

Step 4

Confirm Relevance

Finally, we confirmed the relevance (materiality analysis process and results) of these topics from the standpoint of our outside independent directors and in consideration of the unique AEON MALL business model. We revised group-wide materiality based on these opinions, and then confirmed the topics in a meeting of the CSR Council*.

  • AEON MALL engages in business localized to the communities we serve, and we believe solving community social issues is part of our mission as a business. The AEON MALL CSR Council, chaired by the president of our company, meets monthly to ensure we make progress toward our ideal of Creating Shared Value (CSV), conducting business integrated with the principles of CSR. The council discusses details and progress related to four materialities, represented by E (environment), S (social), G (governance), and C (communication).

AEON MALL creates value through three approaches to business development, strengthening our foundation of value creation as we work toward our 2025 long-term vision. We leverage the comprehensive advantages we have built as a commercial developer with experience in everything from shopping mall development to mall management and operations.

AEON MALL's Value Creation Model

Data / Documents

Management Structure

Having the Management Council in place to serve as an advisory body for the president and CEO, AEON MALL is working on strengthening business strategy functions and ensuring a more efficient decision-making process.
In addition, we bolster management and supervisory functions by holding at least one board of directors’ meeting per month, chaired by the president and CEO.

Management Structure
Board of Directors

Hold meetings of the Board of Directors chaired by the President at least once a month to strengthen the management oversight function, with the attendance of auditors. (2 directors and 2 auditors are independent directors)

Audit & Supervisory Board

Exchange information and opinions with the accounting auditors and the Management Auditing Department which is an internal audit department to raise efficiency and effectiveness of audits.

Total amount of waste discharge and recycling rate in FY2019

Directly managed domestic mall recycling rate (including thermal recycling) 89.4%
Amount of waste discharge and recycling rate
1 Garbage 16,060t 91.9% 2 Cardboard 23,262t 100.0%
3 Miscellaneous refuse 23,110t 74.8% 4 Waste plastic 3,543t 94.9%
5 Waste plastic (valuable) 106t 100.0% 6 Plastic bottle 606t 100.0%
7 Other bottles 367t 97.5% 8 Can 606t 100.0%
9 Expanded polystyrene 132t 100.0% 10 Waste oil 2,167t 100.0%
11 Paper 2,433t 100.0% 12 Bulky refuse 216t 92.7%
13 Other non-combustible refuses 1,399t 61.6% 14 Fluorescent lamp 17t 91.9%
15 Waste battery 16t 87.6% 16 Disposable chopsticks 115t 97.0%
17 Waste alkali / peeling liquid 17t 23.0% 18 Sludge 5,321t 90.4%

FY2019 Inputs / Outputs (79 malls in Japan)

FY2019 Inputs / Outputs (79 malls in Japan)
  • For the whole mall including common use spaces, AEON and specialty stores. However, waste and the recycling rate apply to specialty stores and AEON MALL office, and copy paper applies to AEON MALL office only.
  • Figures in parentheses are percentages over the previous year.

CSR Accounting Report

AEON MALL has been using the CSR accounting system to identify the costs of environmental preservation activities and social community contribution activities and use them as indices for CSR management.
As for environmental preservation activities, the total amount of investments and expenses was 11,233 million yen, 110.0% compared to FY2017.
At AEON Mall Zama, which opened in FY2018, we have installed a large number of solar panels on the rooftop and walls of the main building and on the walls of the multistory car park building, enabling us to generate one megawatt of clean electricity (electricity that can cover about 300 ordinary households throughout the year).
We have also continued to implement large-scale installations of EV chargers since initially installing them in 2016.
Having installed 356 new EV chargers in FY2018, we are working to improve the environment to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles.
Due to these investments aimed at reducing the environmental load, the amount of investment in energy and resource conservation in FY2018 was 122.1% compared to the previous fiscal year.
Our social community contribution activities include investments and expenses totaling 1,075 million yen, 94.3% compared to FY2017.
In response to the AEON 1% Club Foundation grant business, we held regional contribution activities throughout Japan.
As of the end of the last fiscal year, there are 25 AEON Yumemirai Nursery Schools, employer-provided childcare facilities that the AEON group is developing.
We will continue to work on initiatives to help alleviate the number of children on nursery school waiting lists by supporting employees of our group companies and as many other people as possible in their efforts to balance work and childcare.
The overall CSR accounting was 108.4% compared to FY2017.

Major breakdown of environmental preservation costs

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  Investments Expenses Total (millions of yen)
FY2017 FY2018 Year-on-Year Comparison FY2017 FY2018 Year-on-Year Comparison FY2017 FY2018 Year-on-Year Comparison
Environment-related research cost 70 65 92.8% 70 65 92.8%
Introduction of environmental preservation materials 50 48 96.1% 50 48 96.1%
Environmental preservation & tree-planting activities 493 488 98.8% 493 488 98.8%
Maintenance of facilities 4,448 4,784 107.6% 4,448 4,784 107.6%
Energy & resource conservation 2,361 2,882 122.1% 21 13 62.6% 2,381 2,895 121.6%
Chargers for electric vehicles 320 814 254.5% 320 814 254.5%
Air-condition ventilation energy-saving 405 316 77.9% 405 316 77.9%
LEDs 1,590 1,431 89.9% 1,590 1,431 89.9%
Others 45 321 708.0% 21 13 62.6% 66 334 507.1%
Waste disposal & recycling 1,629 1,666 102.3% 1,629 1,666 102.3%
Environmental management 453 451 99.6% 453 451 99.6%
Prevention / control of accidents & emergency situations 691 837 121.1% 691 837 121.1%
Environmental preservation activities Total 2,361 2,882 122.1% 7,854 8,351 106.3% 10,215 11,233 110.0%
Social community contribution activities 1,140 1,075 94.3% 1,140 1,075 94.3%
Grand total 2,361 2,882 122.1% 8,994 9,426 104.8% 11,355 12,308 108.4%

Period: March 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019
Scope: Within the applicable scope of ISO 14001 of AEON MALL Co., Ltd.

We have made advanced efforts from both tangible and intangible ways for the “creation of a shopping mall designed for people and with the environment in mind". This fiscal year we have received high evaluations again from certification organizations inside and outside of Japan.

External ratings

Earned the rating of "Green Star" from GRESB Survey.
Earned the rating of 'Green Star' from GRESB Survey.

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) is an international benchmark for measuring environmental, social and governance considerations for real assets including the real estate portfolio and infrastructure.
AEON MALL earned the rating of "Green Star" as a result of our activities concerning environmental consideration and sustainability which were highly evaluated for excellence in both “Management and Policy” and “Implementation and Measurement”. We obtained 84 points (the average among participating companies being 72 points)., We also received the highest evaluation “A” in the “GRESB disclosure evaluation (ESG information disclosure level)” which is rated based on the disclosed information.

Acquired Score B from CDP
Acquired Score B from CDP

CDP is an international environment evaluation NGO that investigates climate change measures and promotes the disclosure of corporate environmental information. Due to our efforts in climate change and information disclosure thereof, we were given the third highest grade “Score B” on an eight-grade evaluation by CDP.

Selected as a stock price index constituent for ESG investment
Selected as a stock price index constituent for ESG investment

The criteria to judge corporate value for “ESG investment” purposes is made based not only on financial information but also on the efforts for solving environmental, social, and governance issues (non-financial information). As this investment method rapidly expands, AEON MALL has been selected as a composite of various indexes calculated after the selection of companies with a high ESG evaluation by the institution providing investment information for institutional investors.

  • Select Leaders Index
  • MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index
  • Nadeshiko Brand 2020 (selected 4 years in a row)
  • S&P / JPX Carbon Efficient Index
Registered as an excellent "Heart barrier-free" practice company in Tokyo
Registered as an excellent 'Heart barrier-free' practice company in Tokyo

"Heart barrier-free" is a practice in which people with diverse ideas and different physical and mental characteristics can communicate and support each other to deepen mutual understanding. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is promoting the initiatives by registering awareness-building companies as a “Heart barrier-free” supporter company.
Among them, AEON MALL was selected as one of the most outstanding companies in the "Heart barrier-free" category.
We were highly evaluated for our activities in universal design and LGBT topics related trainings for our employees and the staff of specialty stores, in addition to holding events related to health and welfare at each mall.

Acquired the S-rank of CASBEE for Real Estate
Acquired the S-rank of CASBEE for Real Estate

In March 2019, AEON MALL Kofu Showa (Yamanashi Prefecture) acquired the S-rank, the highest rank in the five-grade evaluation of CASBEE for Real Estate.
The CASBEE is comprehensive evaluation system, widely recognized as an index for the environmental performance of a building, including the reduction of environmental burden such as energy saving, resource saving, and recycling performance as well as the conservation of landscapes.

Certified by Kanagawa Prefecture as an "environmentally friendly city development project"
Certified by Kanagawa Prefecture as an 'environmentally friendly city development project'

In August 2019, AEON MALL Zama (Kanagawa Prefecture) was certified as an "environmentally friendly city development project" in recognition of its efforts to reduce environmental impact by installing solar panels on the rooftop and walls, improve boarding environment of the local bus and Zama City community bus in the facility, and serve as a disaster prevention base in the event of a disaster.
Kanagawa Prefecture certifies projects that contribute to the promotion of eco-friendly city development, based on the “Guidelines for promoting environmentally friendly model city development in the central prefecture and Shonan urban areas”.

Acquired certifications

Seven malls newly acquired “DBJ Green Building Certification”
Seven malls newly acquired “DBJ Green Building Certification”

"DBJ Green Building Certification" is granted by the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) based on a comprehensive evaluation system that includes environmental performance of the target property, as well as its response to social demands from varied stakeholders surrounding the property.
In March 2019, AEON MALL Suzuka (Mie Prefecture), AEON MALL Ota (Gunma Prefecture), AEON MALL Hiezu (Tottori Prefecture), and AEON MALL Ayagawa (Kagawa Prefecture) received the 4-star rating and AEON MALL Kyoto Gojo (Kyoto Prefecture) received the 3-star rating.
In August 2019, AEON LakeTown kaze and AEON LakeTown mori in Saitama Prefecture earned the 5-star rating, the highest rank in the five-grade evaluation. As follows, we have acquired certifications on a total of 15 properties.

Two malls received the "Regional Contribution Award"
Two malls received the 'Regional Contribution Award'

In April 2019, AEON MALL Tendo (Yamagata Prefecture) and AEON MALL Kurashiki (Okayama Prefecture) received the "Regional Contribution Award" at the 6th Regional Contribution Awards.
The award is granted to shopping centers that participate substantially in regional revitalization while establishing a vital position as the core of the community within the lives of local residents, in accordance with regional contribution guidelines by the Japan Council of Shopping Centers.

“The 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program” (Large enterprise category)
 “The 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program” (Large enterprise category)

In March 2020, AEON MALL was among "The 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (Large enterprises category)".
The outstanding health and productivity management recognition program is a system in place to award corporations that are practicing excellent health and productivity management based on local health issues and health advancement initiatives promoted by the Japan Health Council, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan Health Conference.

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