The Five Pillars of
Safety Management
at Malls

Development Goals


Constant pursuit of safety

We continue to provide safe environment of shopping we are involved with and promote town development with various safety measures.

Protection Strategy 100 disaster-prevention bases throughout Japan

“AEON eco Project” started in 2012 aiming to establish 100 commercial properties nationwide by FY2020, which can function as a disaster-prevention base equipped with a private power generation facility.

Current disaster-prevention bases at malls owned and managed by AEON MALL28

Strengthened building

Enhancing earthquake resistance

At our malls opened in recent years, we have taken ceiling collapse preventive measures in the event of an earthquake by carrying out construction based on the “Notice of Technical Standards Pertaining to Ceiling Collapse Prevention Measures of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Public”, such as adopting lightweight materials in open ceiling spaces. In addition, we have been enhancing the safety of our properties, for example, by installing hanging smoke barriers adopting transparent nonflammable sheet in place of conventional glass to suppress occurrence of secondary damages due to damages or scatters.

AEON MALL Tokushima
AEON MALL Tokushima

Flood countermeasures

AEON MALL Shinkomatsu (Ishikawa Prefecture) that opened in March 2017 reduces the possibility of flooding into the building by locating the mall at a higher position than assumed flood level based on the “Komatsu City Flood Hazard Map” with the assumption of damages due to heavy rainfall which may occur once in 50 to 100 years.

Strengthening disaster prevention systems with local communities

Conclusion of disaster-prevention agreements

Most of AEON MALLs in Japan have agreements with local governments on disaster prevention and relief activities. Tokushima City and AEON MALL have concluded an agreement that AEON MALL Tokushima (Tokushima Prefecture) that opened in April 2017 will open the mall for evacuees as a temporary evacuation shelter and provide facilities such as toilets in case of a large-scale disaster occurring in Tokushima City or around the mall.

Joint disaster drills in cooperation with various groups

We regularly carry out practical disaster drills at all our malls with participation of employees of specialty stores. AEON MALL Hiroshima Gion (Hiroshima Prefecture) held a large-scale joint disaster prevention event for six days in May 2017.
This event included training drills by exhibiting special-purpose vehicles of the Self-Defense Force, fire station, police station, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, experiencing simulated disasters, and building temporary evacuation shelters (balloon shelter).

AEON MALL Hiroshima Gion
AEON MALL Hiroshima Gion

Implemented national disaster-prevention caravan

From March to December 2017, the Scout Association of Japan, AEON, and AEON MALL jointly held “National Disaster-Prevention Caravan” in about 70 commercial properties of the AEON group in 47 prefectures. Under the slogan of “Always be ready just in case”, we implemented practical programs such as making a simple stretcher, experiencing transportation, and creating disaster prevention goods with newspaper.

As a restoration base at the time of emergency

Business continuity in case of a disaster

Some of our malls are ready, when a large-scale power outage occurs, to securely supply power generated by private power generation facility and emergency generators, both of which use gas infrastructure, to disaster-prevention center, AEON MALL office, and food sections in comprehensive supermarket, and other facilities.
In addition, these malls have installed emergency water supply outlets on water receiving tank for supplying drinking water even during water supply cutoff or power outage.

Business continuity in case of a disaster

Universal design

Our firm introduced full-fledged universal design in 2005 so that all our customers can enjoy their time in our malls comfortably. Moreover, even after introducing universal design, we listen to our customers by periodically carrying out surveys to continuously tackle areas in need of improvement in both infrastructure and management aspects.
AEON MALL Matsumoto (Nagano Prefecture) that opened in September 2017 has introduced an interactive information system equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time as a commercial property in Japan. When any question is raised to the character, it will recognize the question and provide the questioner with the optimal instruction.

Universal design