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Aiming for More Worker-friendly AEON MALL

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We are working to create a comfortable work environment to motivate people who work for specialty stores and employees of AEON MALL to extend their employment period at AEON MALL.

Creating a comfortable work environment for specialty store employees

As labor shortages are a social issue, we see it as one of our responsibilities as a developer to improve ES (employee satisfaction) by improving our work environment where employees for specialty stores that open in AEON MALL’s commercial facilities can play an active part for a long time. Among ES improvement measures on which each mall is working, we give awards to excellent case examples as the "Best Practice" and expand them horizontally.

● Renovating employee resting rooms

We carried out the renovation work of resting rooms at AEON MALL Fukutsu (Fukuoka Prefecture) so that employees of specialty stores can feel refreshed comfortably. Based on hearings with the employees, we increased the number of private seats with sufficient privacy, installed charging outlets, and enhanced the powder rooms. After such renovations, we received high evaluation from 88% of the employees who said, “It has become easier to use the resting room than before”. These renovations are in progress at AEON MALLs throughout Japan.

Renovating employee resting rooms

● Offering exclusive menus for employees

At AEON MALL Ayagawa (Kagawa Prefecture), good value menus for the employees were offered by the restaurants in addition to usual employee benefits. The purpose of this attempt is to improve the ES and reduce food loss by using foods which tend to be left over.
A total of 411 employees enjoyed the menus for 8 days and this trial also contributed to an increase in sales at each store.

Offering exclusive menus for employees

Expansion of “AEON Yume-mirai Nursery School”

Expansion of “AEON Yume-mirai Nursery School”

As of the end of February 2019, there are 25 AEON Yume-mirai (Dreams for the Future) Nurseries nationwide in the AEON group, which support employees with small children. 18 of them are operated within AEON MALL’s commercial facilities and, are open to employees of AEON group companies, specialty stores as well as local residents. The nursery schools are used by many people, with the utilization rate as of November 2018 being 84% on average, because the schools satisfy the needs of people working for our commercial facilities by operating seven days a week throughout the year in accordance with the business hours of each mall. The schools create an environment where each specialty store can employ staff members who balance work and childcare and encourage them to continue working on a long term basis, They also contribute to solving the problem of children on waiting lists for nursery schools.

Introduction of “Lively leave system”

AEON MALL is encouraging employees to value time spent with their family by introducing “Lively leave system” for employees to be able to take a maximum of 2-day leaves per year due to family care, childcare, anniversary, birthday, school or community event, homecoming and other purposes.

Publication of employee guidebook

Publication of employee guidebook

AEON MALL publishes and distributes a guidebook “Ikunabi” (child-raising navigation) for employees who want to balance work and childcare and concentrate on childbirth and child-raising so that they can subsequently return to work smoothly.
The guidebook gives information about systems and allowances applied at each stage with the theme of ”Raise children and nurture careers”. It is effectively being used at various departments for work life management.

Enhanced human resource development system

AEON MALL provides various training systems depending on qualifications and job positions. We have been conducting wide-ranging educational programs to instill the values of AEON’s basic philosophy “Customer-First”, practical training to enhance knowledge and skills required as a commercial developer, and “AEON Business School” for highly motivated staff members who want to acquire knowledge and skills for challenging new positions.

Overseas trainee system

We have been dispatching overseas trainees to China and ASEAN countries to continuously develop human resources who will be in charge of our growing overseas business. Through human resource development programs of about one year, we aim to have participants develop leadership skills in an environment with different cultural and historical backgrounds, and acquire knowledge and skills required outside of Japan.

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