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Aiming for More Nature-friendly AEON MALL

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Development Goals
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AEON MALL promotes town development in harmony with nature by creating a system capable of protecting the ecosystems of local communities, suppressing environmental loads to be minimum, and promoting energy saving and proper waste management.

AEON Hometown Forests Program

“AEON Hometown Forests Program” that started in 1991 in Malaysia. AEON conducts tree-planting activities to realize the basic principle of “dedication to the pursuit of peace, respect for human dignity and contribution to local communities by focusing on customers”. When opening a new mall in Japan and overseas, we hold the tree-planting ceremony where we plant trees that are the most suitable to region's natural environment together with our customers. In FY2018, AEON MALL planted about 124,000 trees at 7 shopping malls (including about 10,000 trees at overseas malls). The cumulative number of planted trees of our group reached about 11.9 million as of the end of February 2019.

Aiming for malls familiar to customers through tree-planting activities

>Megumi Sasaki
Manager of Construction
Planning Department

Megumi Sasaki

We conduct the location survey with experts about half a year before a new mall opens, and select tree species to be planted. The tree-planting ceremony is a place where specialty stores and AEON MALL communicate with local customers for the first time, and I believe the ceremony will provide an opportunity for our customers to know us and our facilities before the mall opens and feel attachment to the mall for a long time by planting seedlings.
We hold various events after the opening of the mall, such as tree-nursing festivals, so that our customers will become more familiar with our facilities rich in greenery, and we will continue to provide more opportunities for customers to utilize the forests.

Creating a forest taking advantage of the characteristics of each community

Creating a forest taking advantage of the characteristics of each community
Yuhide Murakami
Senior Researcher,
Japanese center for International studies in
Ecology Institute for Global Environmental

Yuhide Murakami

We have been cooperating in AEON’s Hometown Forests Program since 2015. We are aiming for a forest similar to a natural forest by conducting the location survey of neighboring forests, selecting tree species from trees naturally growing in the region, and preferentially select seedlings that have grown locally and are adapted to the surrounding environment. This ensures that the forest will have an excellent disaster prevention function resistant to earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis, thereby playing a multi-faceted role. At AEON MALL Tsu Minami (Mie Prefecture) which opened in November 2018, we planted 79 species of trees that were far more than conventional species and provided a village-vicinity forest area rich in variation due to changes in the ambient environment including deciduous trees, resulting in the increase in the number of contact points between biodiversity and people. In addition, by planting seedlings that will grow to a forest near the entrance where many customers pass through so that they can feel the growth of the trees whenever they visit the malls, and by introducing the modeled forest using panel displays, we exercised our ingenuity to make customers feel familiar with AEON's activities. In the future, I would like to make proposals such as providing opportunities for customers to come in contact with forest, and building biotopes that creates an environment for various living creatures.

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