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New Prospects for Domestic MallsAiming for AEON MALL that can Offer More New Proposals

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In response to diversified needs, AEON MALL is working to create shopping mallsrequired by local customers.

Opened the first regional revitalization type commercial facility “THE OUTLETS”

THE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA (Hiroshima Prefecture) that is completely different from existing malls opened in April 2018 as a regional revitalization type commercial facility. With the concept of "Encounters with the local community" such as the largest "full-scale outlet mall" with about 120 different brands in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, "Entertainment" which keeps all generations excited, foods and local specialties in the Seto Inland Sea and San-in areas including Hiroshima, we want to get closer to daily lives of local residents and widely respond to domestic and overseas demands for tourism.
We strive to strengthen our capability to respond to the inbound demand, for example, by installing bulk duty-free counter, and introducing a barcode settlement service at about 60 stores, and to consider the traffic environment, for example, by operating public buses arriving at and departing from Hiroshima Station on weekends. We have received a large number of customers since our mall opened, and we were selected for Nikkei MJ Award (Excellence Award) of the "2018 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards".

Birth of a base where there is information about 24 neighboring cities and towns

Norio Shiotani
Economic Planning
Economic Affairs and Tourism Bureau

Norio Shiotani

"Hiroshima regional urban area" is composed of 24 cities and towns within an approximately 60 km radius of the central area of Hiroshima City including Mihara City area in the east and Yanai City area in Yamaguchi Prefecture in the west.
Collaboration and interaction are being facilitated to sustain the population of more than two million people within the area. We opened "V BASE" at THE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA, regional revitalization type commercial facilities, as a base for dispatching information for conveying the charms of a wide variety of specialties and various tourist attractions within the area to local people and domestic and foreign tourists. It was our first attempt to place our base within commercial facilities. Our staffs who is stationed at the base receives many inquiries about specialties and sightseeing spots of individual cities and towns, and new exchanges have taken place in various regions through the "Tour digital touch rally" project in which nearly 3,000 people took part to visit 10 touch points within the area. We want to continuously hold the PR event, etc. in the building in cooperation with individual cities and towns.

Handcrafted item shop for local artisans is gaining popularity

Hirokazu Shimosada
BRAVE UP Co., Ltd.

Hirokazu Shimosada

“SAKKA ZAKKA” is a specialty store where a wide range of handmade items are sold and workshops are held with the cooperation of artisans and craftsmen in the Seto Inland Sea and San-in areas. We decided to start a shop that is in line with the concept of regional revitalization of commercial facilities. It was our first experience to operate and manage a shop, and we received a lot of advice from AEON MALL. We have built relationships with nearly 200 handmade artisans and we display works to reflect their uniqueness. They sometimes sell directly to the customers on the sales floor to feel the charms that cannot be felt from online sales by both makers and customers. The Outlets attracts many customers as a commercial facility, and artisans with no experience can get a great chance to succeed. We will try our best to enable as many artisans makers as possible to make a living with their craftsmanship occupation.

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