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With Local CommunitiesAiming for AEON MALL that Can Further
Contribute to Local Communities

SDGs Sustainable
Development Goals
  • Good health and well-being
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Partnerships for the goals

Our aim is to create shopping malls that are always needed as an infrastructure base for local residents.

Introducing strong public facilities and services

AEON MALL is dedicating efforts to improve life services by providing various facilities that local residents need, including not only shopping, food and beverage, and amusement facilities, but also medical institutions, government offices, banks, and post offices. In addition, we provide commercial facilities that are indispensable for local residents by encouraging the members of local governments and various organizations to use the multipurpose event spaces "AEON Hall" and "AEON Cinema" on the premises.

Post AEON MALL Zama [Kanagawa Prefecture]

Post officeAEON MALL Zama [Kanagawa Prefecture]

General clinic MALL Makuhari New City [Chiba Prefecture]

General clinicAEON MALL Makuhari New City [Chiba Prefecture]

Public library AEON MALL Tsugaru Kashiwa [Aomori Prefecture]

Public libraryAEON MALL Tsugaru Kashiwa [Aomori Prefecture]

職業紹介所 THE Employment THE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA [Hiroshima Prefecture]

Employment agencyTHE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA [Hiroshima Prefecture]

Government AEON MALL Higashiura [Aichi Prefecture]

Government officeAEON MALL Higashiura [Aichi Prefecture

Prayer room AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom [Okinawa Prefecture]

Prayer roomAEON MALL Okinawa Rycom [Okinawa Prefecture]

Installation of polling stations

Installation of polling stations

At the 19th nationwide local elections held in April 2019, we installed early polling stations at 44 AEON MALLs and AEON Shopping Centers in Japan (Some are also same-day polling stations). We provided a convenient voting environment not only for customers but also for employees working at our malls with easy access to buses stopping at the mall or to the large parking lot for those coming by car. At the election of Tsugaru city council members held in January 2019, the number of votes at the polling station installed in AEON MALL Tsugaru Kashiwa (Aomori Prefecture) was more than 50 percent of the total number of votes at all early polling stations, which attested to the convenience of the polling station and led to the improvement of the voting rate. We plan to actively promote the installation of polling stations for future elections.

Promoting the popularization and use of EV

Promoting the popularization and use of EV

Since 2008, AEON MALL has been advancing the installation of EV chargers at each shopping mall for environmental conservation and the realization of a sustainable society, and for promoting the popularization of CO2 emission-free electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. As of the end of February 2019, we have built a charger network with a total of EV chargers at 146 shopping malls in Japan, and have installed 503 EV chargers at 12 shopping malls in China. In 2017, we were the first Japanese company to participate in the international business initiative "EV100" the goal of which is for enterprises to popularize electric vehicles and promote environmental improvements.

Universal design

Universal design

AEON MALL is working on continuous improvement by introducing quality universal design for our customers to lead a comfortable life and by listening to our customers such as conducting surveys periodically. Moreover, we are actively introducing cutting-edge technologies such as the installation of digital signages that have voice-recognition functions to understand customers' questions and provide suitable advice.

Promoting the use of public transportation

Promoting the use of public transportation

Some of our shopping malls within walking distance of stations are rewarding customers who visit malls by train. Also, we are working with railroad companies and transportation bureaus to create a better environment where customers can visit the malls by using public transportation including shuttle buses we operate to connect the mall and station or the mall and airport.

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