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Mall of "Happiness"

①“Happiness Mall”

New events of domestic malls
in Japan

Development Goals


To a place where wonderful memories are made

To a place where wonderful memories are made To a place where wonderful memories are made

Customers are excited whenever they visit and always smile when leaving – Such a commercial property is what we envision as a "Happiness Mall". Amid the rise of e-commerce, I hope our mall is a place where all customer can accumulate wonderful memories of actual experiences each time they visit AEON MALL, and hold a special place in their heart for the mall. With such hope, we started activities for realizing a Happiness Mall in FY2017 and they are in full swing.
Although each of our malls has implemented various projects so far to allow customers to enjoy themselves, all specialty stores and employees at the Happiness Mall, with the 4 pillars: "Health", "Wellness", "Community", and "Opportunity", work together as one toward further comprehensive approaches so that customers can feel happy with their experiences during their stay at the mall. Because customers are more health-conscious and want to be satisfied mentally in recent years, each mall holds various events using wide spaces and halls, and provides opportunities for local residents to deepen exchanges and expand their hobbies at workshops in cooperation with specialty stores. The whole company is working to realize a true Happiness Mall where all people who are involved in AEON MALL including local residents, administrative officers, and employees can become happy.

Mamoru Hiyama

Mamoru Hiyama

General Manager
Marketing Department

“Happiness Mall” model store

A new mall in pursuit of “happy time”

AEON MALL Matsumoto [Nagano Prefecture] Opened in September 2017

Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture is a mountainous, academic, and music city which is rich in nature and culture. AEON MALL Matsumoto that opened in the central urban area of Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture has been actively promoting its efforts to realize a Happiness Mall under the mall concept of “Happy time in the center of Shinshu” to realize an exchange space filled with unique character and activity.

A new mall in pursuit of “happy time”
“Music City Matsumoto Live” started

Matsumoto City and citizens' volunteer group cooperatively hold "Music City Matsumoto Live", which had been held in the square in front of Matsumoto Station in the past, now in the event space “Kirameki Court” in the mall on a regular basis. Customers of many generations can freely enjoy live music in a broad range of genres performed by local artists.

Our idea was to give many people the opportunity to listen to a street concert performed at AEON MALL. I hope these live performances will become an opportunity to enjoy various genres of music.

Masanori Fukasawa
International Music festival Promotion Section
Matsumoto City Culture and Sports Department

Masanori Fukasawa

It is a blessed environment for performers to play music indoors in front of customers who are spending a relaxing time at the mall. We would be grateful for your continued cooperation.

Hiroki Miyajima
Team Leader
Music City Matsumoto

Hiroki Miyajima

I played music with woodwind instrument players for the first time here, and I could easily get customers’ responses because distance from customers was close. I hope this event will be continuously held.

Shuji Maruyama
Symphony Orchestra

Shuji Maruyama


Mall walking event
Mall walking event

We hold a mall walking event every week by inviting a lecturer from “Matsumoto Health lab” established by Matsumoto City which is aiming to become a city with increased healthy life expectancy. In order to give people motivation to continue participating, we have been holding stamp rally events.


Child-raising event
Child-raising event

In a tie-in with regional child-raising support magazine "IKUJII”, we hold seminar-based events and cooking classes, where participants can learn how to raise children. These are also places where mothers can become acquainted with each other and broaden their exchanges.


"Herbarium" workshop

This workshop was organized by the specialty store "Hana Glass" in the mall, and customers who participated in this event could enjoy herbarium where dried flowers and preserved flowers are dipped into preservative liquid and enjoyed as interior objects, and customers took home their works.