ESGEnvironmentEfforts for improving environment

SDGs Sustainable
Development Goals
  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Climate action
  • Life on land
  • Partnerships for the goals

We are promoting the development of towns that harmonize well with the local environment through the utilization of natural energy and the introduction of the latest technologies for reducing environmental loads.

Promoting “AEON Decarbonation Vision 2050”

In March 2018, we announced “AEON Decarbonation Vision 2050” as a new challenge of the AEON group. We will strive to realize a “carbon-free society” towards 2050 through various activities such as the utilization of renewable energy and the promotion of energy conservation. Now there are 11 stores of “Smart AEON”, a model environmentally friendly type store on which we have been working, in the AEON group (out of which 10 stores are managed by AEON MALL). We are also working on the development of more advanced “Next-generation Smart AEON” from the decarbonation perspective, and AEON MALL Zama (Kanagawa Prefecture) reduced CO2 emissions by 30% compared to AEON's standard stores.

Promoting “AEON eco Project”

Promoting “AEON eco Project”

Having set specific quantitative goals for our global environment and living environments under the “AEON eco Project” on which the AEON group is working, we are striving to achieve the goals by 2020.

Energy conservation / natural energy utilization

Energy conservation

Adoption of LED lighting

We have achieved almost 100% adoption rate in common areas of our shopping malls all over Japan.
As we are calling on the specialty stores to adopt LED lighting when a new mall opens or the store is renovated, switching to LED lighting is in progress at the specialty stores.

natural energy utilization

Solar power generation

Earlier than other commercial facilities, we have been generating electricity while utilizing natural energy by installing solar power generation systems in phases, and some malls adopt a system capable of utilizing electricity even during a power failure.

Participation in the equipment subsidy project of the Joint Crediting Mechanism

We are a member of the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) whereby we contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in cooperation with other countries and share the results through the dissemination of excellent low-carbon technologies.
At AEON MALL Sen Sok City (Cambodia) which opened in May 2018, a solar power generation facility is installed on the rooftop. It has been adopted as FY2016 JCM equipment subsidy project of Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

Promoting the popularization and use of EV

Promoting the popularization and use of EV

Since 2008, AEON MALL has been advancing the installation of EV chargers at each shopping mall for environmental conservation and the realization of a sustainable society, and for promoting the popularization of CO2 emission-free electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. As of the end of February 2019, we have built a charger network with a total of EV chargers at 146 shopping malls in Japan, and have installed 503 EV chargers at 12 shopping malls in China. In 2017, we were the first Japanese company to participate in the international business initiative "EV100" the goal of which is for enterprises to popularize electric vehicles and promote environmental improvements.

Promoting the use of public transportation

Promoting the use of public transportation

Some of our shopping malls within walking distance of stations are rewarding customers who visit malls by train. Also, we are working with railroad companies and transportation bureaus to create a better environment where customers can visit the malls by using public transportation including shuttle buses we operate to connect the mall and station or the mall and airport.