Management Policy

Our Vision

Basic Philosophy | Customer First

(1) AEON MALL has consistently made the needs of customers and their communities the focus of all stages of its mall business, from planning, development and construction to leasing and operation.

(2) AEON MALL and its partners have succeeded by ensuring that these "customer first" values are shared by everyone involved in mall operations, including tenant staff and cleaning and security personnel.

(3) The key to sustainable success is a value chain in which all AEON members meet the expectations of their customers, thereby raising further expectations and again responding to those.

Management Philosophy | AEON MALL will create "Towns with Vitality."

Along with our partners, we will continue in our endeavors to create towns filled with vitality, to enrich the lives of their people.

. We define a town with vitality as a community that has gained a new and vibrant sense of energy following the creation of a new focal point for excitement, fun and lifestyle enhancement by AEON MALL.

. Our partners are all stakeholders in town development, including local communities, government, non-profit organizations, tenant companies, suppliers, landowners and investors.

Our Brand

Together with our business partners, we will create "Towns with Vitality" and continue to contribute to realizing an affluent life for everyone in the community.

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