Management Policy

Corporate Strategy

AEON MALL's Growth Strategies

The Company has been moving forward with the construction of infrastructure for the expansion of business facilities in Japan and business development in the new growth markets of China and ASEAN, based on a three-year medium-term management plan which commenced from the fiscal year ended February 28, 2015 (fiscal 2014). It aims to build a robust corporate structure that achieves both sustainable growth and high profitability.
We will work to strengthen our earnings power and accelerate the pace of our growth by developing a new medium-term management plan (fiscal 2017 – fiscal 2019) with the fiscal year ending February 28, 2018 (fiscal 2017) as the first year.

(i) Capturing growth opportunities in Asia
Profits are improving faster than expected in overseas businesses thanks to the expansion of new stores opened in China and the ASEAN region.
We will seek to increase the number of visitors to the mall and bolster earnings by continuing to improve our branding through enhanced marketing and leasing capabilities in the area by opening a mall that dominates the competitive landscape.
We will also build solid business foundations that will drive the profit growth of the Company by establishing a system for rapid decision-making and growth through the cultivation of expertise in management and operations, to operate more malls and promote the localization of mall management.

(ii) Exploration of new domestic demand
We will strive to stimulate new demand in Japan by acquiring new customer segments and uncovering potential consumer demand by responding to customer needs across a wide range of age groups and regional characteristics.
We will seek to develop new domestic tenants and invite overseas tenants associated with the expansion of overseas businesses, while moving forward with new merchandising by developing “Mall in Mall,” a category-specific curated zone inside the mall.
As an initiative for “Health & Wellness” that supports the physical and mental healthcare of customers, we will strengthen our efforts to capture demand from seniors by developing tenants and building zones for seniors. 
We will shore up the roles and functions of the mall in the region by meeting the diversified needs of local residents through the enhancement of public functions such as an administrative function, a post office and a library based on the “Regional Ecosystem” project, a new initiative for regional development and regional contribution coupled with the local communities.

(iii) Evolution to the overwhelming top mall in the region
We will further increase our competitive advantage in the shopping mall market in Japan through the aggressive implementation of floor space expansion and renewals at existing malls and the opening of new stores in areas where there is no mall, based on in-depth area marketing.
We will press forward with our efforts to further increase our ability to draw more customers by holding cultural and entertainment events and enhancing malls’ own community-based activities, as well as pursuing measures to attract customers using SNS, etc., improving infrastructure by using digital systems and the mall management coupled with tenant companies.
We have also established the Diversity Promotion Working Group in the AEON Association Shops Community, which consists of about 8,000 tenant companies that have opened a store in AEON malls and the shopping centers of the Aeon Group. We will work together with tenant companies to help them overcome the problems they face, such as labor shortages, aiming to increase the level of employee satisfaction through initiatives such as establishing in-house daycare facilities and superior break rooms.
Through these efforts, we will establish the position as the top mall in the region in terms of share of the domestic market, the ability to draw both customers and support from tenant companies, etc.

(iv) Capturing of growth opportunities in urban areas
On March 1, 2016, we converted OPA Co., Ltd. that is engaged in the urban fashion buildings business into a subsidiary as a new initiative to work on business development in urban areas where the population is expected to increase.
We will seek to open new stores and improve the earnings strength of existing stores through renewals, including scrap-and-build reforms to maximize synergies with the shopping mall business by integrating our expertise in both areas.

(v) Building of finance mix and organizational structure to support growth
We will work to build a solid financial base to support our medium- to long-term growth strategy by improving investment and asset efficiency and maximizing cash flows. We will also promote diversity management for the purpose of cultivating diverse human resources that will drive corporate growth and strengthen the management system and the governance function for the sharing of business know-how in Japan and overseas as well as for faster decision-making.