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Soichi Okazaki President and CEO AEON MALL Co., Ltd.

President and CEO
Soichi Okazaki

Aiming to be the No. 1 commercial developer in Asia, AEON MALL is planning more than 40 malls in the three years after 2014 in Japan, China and ASEAN. In recent years, middle class wage earners have increased in China and ASEAN, and seeking new luxury, urbanization of people with a healthy motivation to spend is progressing. We feel that we should make use of our knowhow in developing and operating the large complex malls used in Japan, and go on to make malls that everybody in the world can enjoy.

In Japan, we are proceeding to create malls with new concepts such as tourist malls which exploit the tourist attractions of a community, resort malls, and urban malls which match life in the city. Indeed, we feel that developing a mall that matches a community is the fulfillment of CSR.

Thus far, we have actively engaged in creating malls with a high degree of public service, to meet the many needs of everybody living in a community such as banks, post offices, clinics, and local government service counters. To exploit that knowhow in the future, we make malls always with continued support from everyone in the community.

A large scale commercial facility like AEON MALL is not just a single business. We feel that it also functions as a public facility with real relevance to the lives of everyone who lives in the community. When traditional events and cultural activities are held in a community, we provide support that transcends the framework of a commercial facility, in addition in Japan we have entered into agreements with local governments for cooperation in disaster prevention, and our system is ready to function as a base for disaster response and disaster prevention. I want all employees to be proud that AEON MALL will be a place people can depend on in case of an emergency, and each of us deepen our understanding regarding CSR even more.

A mall is something that supports the life of its community. Thus we feel that the most important thing is that a mall exists to be loved by all who live in that community. Therefore, involvement in CSR is essential, it is no overstatement to say that a mall cannot exist without CSR.

Our efforts in developing towns are described in this “Report for the Future.” I look forward to your continued support and cooperation.