CSR TOPICS 2016-2017

We have introduced advanced efforts from the viewpoint of both hardware and software aiming for "the creation of people and environment-friendly malls". Also in this fiscal year, we have received high evaluation from institutions inside and outside of Japan.

Won an excellence prize of Osaka Stop Global Warming Awards for the second consecutive year upon introduction of Japan’s first system.

国内初 イオンモール堺鉄砲町 下水再生水高度複合利用システム 国内初 イオンモール堺鉄砲町 下水再生水高度複合利用システム
賞状 優秀賞 イオンモール株式会社

“Osaka Stop Global Warming Awards” hosted by Osaka Prefecture commend business operators who carried out excellent efforts in their business activities with the aim to disseminate and promote global warming preventive measures, heat island phenomenon easing measures, and electric power demand leveling measures. Our company won the excellence prize for the second consecutive year upon being evaluated for our achievement in reducing 6.3% (base unit) in the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the previous fiscal year in 6 malls in the prefecture.
The “recycled waste water advanced complex utilization system” operation began in AEON MALL Sakai Teppoucho which opened in March 2016. It started with joint efforts by the public and private sectors to utilize recycled waste water that is cool in summer and warm in winter as a hot water supply and an air-conditioning heat source in the facility, and to utilize recycled waste water that has been used as a heat source for “Seseragi Suiro (Murmuring waterway)” within the premises and for toilet flushing after being processed with a membrane treatment device. We have attracted attention as the first facility in Japan where recycled waste water is used as the heat sources for a hot water supply and air-conditioning within the same premises, and where recycled waste water is utilized for both the heat source and water source, so many people have come to visit the mall from various quarters.

Won the silver prize of the Asia-Pacific
Shopping Center Award AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom (Okinawa Prefecture)

Won the silver prize of the Asia-Pacific Shopping Center Award

AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom (Okinawa Prefecture) won the silver prize in the Design Development and New Development Department of the 2016 Asia-Pacific Shopping Center Award hosted by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). This award was granted upon comprehensive evaluation of the excellent facility design, development plan, facility operation and business performance after the business opening, and so on.

Won the special prize of the first ABINC Awards
AEON MALL Tamadaira Woods (Tokyo Metropolis)

AEON MALL Tamadaira Woods (Tokyo Metropolis)

AEON MALL Tamadaira Woods (Tokyo Metropolis) won the special prize for urban shopping center version in the first ABINC Awards that ABINC (Association for Business Innovation in harmony with Nature and Community) established to commend a facility that highly contributes particularly toward the dissemination and awareness raising and the mainstreaming of biodiversity. The mall’s various efforts carried out under various business constraints were highly evaluated as a pioneering case where the possibility of biodiversity conservation has been addressed in the large-scale commercial facility.

Acquired the “Green Star”, the highest
award of the GRESB Real Estate Evaluation

award of the GRESB Real Estate Evaluation

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) is an international benchmark for measuring environmental, social and governance considerations for real assets including the real estate portfolio and infrastructure. Our company acquired the “Green Star”, the highest rank among 4 ranks as a result of our activities concerning environmental consideration and sustainability which were highly evaluated for excellence in both “Management and Policy” and “Implementation and Measurement”. We acquired 79 points, the highest-ever score (the average being 60 points), and ranked 108th out of the 733 global companies. We also acquired the highest evaluation “Five Star” in the GRESB rating by the relative evaluation with the overall score.

Acquired the S-rank of CASBEE for Real Estate
AEON MALL Makuhari New City (Chiba Prefecture)

AEON MALL Makuhari New City (Chiba Prefecture)

In October 2016, all 4 buildings of AEON MALL Makuhari New City (Chiba Prefecture) acquired the S-rank of CASBEE for Real Estate. The CASBEE Real Estate Evaluation Certification System is widely recognized as an index that the environmental performance of a building is comprehensively evaluated. Furthermore, in 2005, all 4 buildings of the mall also acquired the gold rank of the LEED certification, which is an international building environmental performance evaluation system.

Won the excellence prize at the 2016 Cogeneration AwardsAEON MALL Okinawa Rycom (Okinawa Prefecture)

Cogeneration Awards

Our company won the excellence prize at the 2016 Cogeneration Awards hosted by the Advanced Cogeneration and Energy Utilization Center Japan. The development of a town with both environmental friendliness and a disaster preparation function by constructing an infrastructure using the first LNG satellite* in Okinawa Prefecture, and introducing a natural gas cogeneration system in AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom was highly evaluated.

* The second receiving station to store and supply LNG (liquefied natural gas) transported from the receiving station.
* Our company, Kitanakagusukuson, Okinawa Electric Power, OGCTS, and Takenaka Corporation jointly received the award.

Won the 2016 Kanagawa Global Environment Award
AEON MALL Yamato (Kanagawa Prefecture)


In February 2017, the mall won the “2016 Kanagawa Global Environment Award” (Global warming countermeasure planning section) hosted by Kanagawa Prefecture and the “Kanagawa Global Environment Conservation Promotion Conference”. The reduction of energy use in AEON MALL Yamato operated in the prefecture was evaluated as an outstanding achievement, for example, in inverting the cooling water pump for air conditioning, reducing the use of lighting, and the revision of outdoor light lighting time.

Pursuing the development of malls staying close to local communities

When developing a new mall, we carefully research the history and climate of the region, and propose a plan based on the directionality of town development for which the administration is aiming.
The advanced complex utilization system for recycled waste water of AEON MALL Sakai Teppoucho which was introduced earlier is a case where the parties concerned spent a long time to achieve results through united efforts. The collaboration proved to be successful thanks to the conditions such as the wastewater treatment plant location near the planned site, Sakai City’s efforts to improve the water environment of the river flowing nearby, and the advanced environmental research being continued by the Kansai Electric Power Group.
As location conditions and requests from the local government are different depending on each mall, we are actively taking up the challenge to cooperate with local business operators through continued dialogue with the people in the local community prior to development. We are striving to realize a commercial facility that symbolizes each respective region by reflecting requests of the local government and residents in the region as much as possible in developing the mall.

General Manager, Development Division Kaoru Iwamoto

Senior Managing Director
General Manager,
Development Division
Kaoru Iwamoto