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Akio Yoshida President and CEO AEON MALL CO., LTD.

Each mall aims for the development in
coordination with the local community
through creation of new value.

AEON MALL is tasked as the core company within the AEON group to develop and manage shopping malls, and we have successfully deployed 190 shopping malls in Japan, China, and in the ASEAN countries as of April 2017.

The mall business will not succeed without the development of the region where the mall is opened, as well as the firm support from customers. The desired form of a mall change with the times, and differs from each other in many ways depending on its location and environment. We should continue grasping the needs of residents in the region, and making new proposals as a commercial facility that creates a lifestyle. With the rise of e-commerce, we are striving to create facilities with unique characteristics which can only be found in a mall where customers can derive pleasure and fun only from visiting the mall.

In Japan, we are always striving for freshness by concentrating on large-scale renovations of existing malls as well as the opening of new malls, and strengthening our role as a regional infrastructure by further enhancing lifestyle and health-related functions. Furthermore, in China and ASEAN countries, a virtuous cycle has been created whereby the high evaluation for existing malls makes it conducive to open new malls, so we are continuing to actively open malls based on this dominant strategy.

This fiscal year, a domestic new mall under the management of a female general manager and a new mall in China under the management of local staff have both earned good reputations, which highlights our efforts of promoting diversity management. Meanwhile, we are making efforts to promote the establishment of a day-care center in each mall, and realize a comfortable work environment for employees of the specialty stores. In addition, we have taken the lead in introducing advanced approaches such as utilizing natural energy, building recharging stations for electric vehicles, and increasing the greening of shopping centers. Such approaches have also become acknowledged overseas in recent years as a new value of a commercial facility.

All our employees will continue making further efforts so that our malls will be loved most in each region. I look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

President and CEO
Akio Yoshida