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Corporate Governance Effort

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Fulfilling our responsibilities to customers and
individual stakeholders including local communities,
shareholders, and employees will result in enhancing our long-term corporate values.
Based on this belief, we strive for improvement of our corporate governance systems
by ensuring managerial transparency
and efficiency and promoting the strengthening of compliance and risk management.

[Internal control system]

Decision making by our directors is recorded and managed in an appropriate manner by the executive director of each proposition department, who is responsible for producing documents such as written approval and meeting minutes in line with company regulations. A board of directors meeting is held monthly and whenever it is necessary. Critical issues requiring decision making by the president or higher, which may contain a risk affecting the company, are discussed from various perspectives in a management conference serving as the president's advisory body which consists of managing directors and full-time corporate auditors as the core members and the final decision is made by the president or resolution by the board of directors.

[Risk management]

A risk management committee is established as a companywide risk management body, placed as a sub-organization of the management conference, to control business risks related to disaster, environment and compliance. The committee identifies all possible company-wide risks, monitors risk management operation, exchanges information, constantly reviews risk management systems, and at the same time formulates risk management policies. The policies are then used to produce specific rules and guidelines at each risk management supervising division and conduct periodic reviews. All these details are thoroughly notified to all employees through education and training programs as well as an electronic bulletin board system. Upon the occurrence of any danger of imminent and serious loss, appropriate information distribution and decision making are performed based on the “Rules for Control of Management Danger”, followed by measures to control or minimize the damage.

[Auditing and monitoring system]

We have installed a management auditing department directly under the president as the internal auditing function. The department conducts audits on all individual divisions in the company to ensure the solid functioning of the internal control system while playing a key role in verifying the validity of the system. Individual audit results are reported to the president, which are then periodically reported at the management conference and to the auditors. Directors are obliged to report any matters that may affect the company's business and records as well as any facts related to law violation or compliance issues, which may lead to significant damage to the company, to the board of auditors as soon as such facts are identified. Our four auditors include two independent board members free of possible conflicts of interest with general shareholders, and requests for reporting the execution status of business operations by auditors to directors are prioritized over other matters and handled quickly and sincerely.

[Effort to eliminate anti-social forces]

From the perspective of thorough compliance management and protection of the company, we believe that it is one of our corporate social responsibilities to not become involved with any anti-social forces, maintain a firm approach to any unjust demands by such forces, and ensure that we maintain no relationships with them. Such anti-social demands, if they are made, are dealt as an organization instead of as an individual, following legal procedures based on civil and criminal laws through close collaboration with external specialists and investigation agencies. We also are a member of “Foundation for Citizen’s Council on Banning Criminal Syndicates in Chiba Prefecture” and constantly promote collaboration with the police and crime prevention associations, strive to collect information on anti-social forces, and enhance the awareness of employees.