The Five Pillars of

Development Goals


Implementation of environmental conservation

Through thorough implementation of energy-saving and waste control policies, we will develop a town in harmony with nature by introducing the latest technologies to minimize environmental burden and creating a mechanism to protect ecosystem.

Smart AEON development

Smart Aeon development

We have been working on “Smart AEON” since September 2012 to implement the “AEON eco Project” which was formulated from five criteria that incorporate our efforts in cooperation with local communities (smart energy / electronic money and usage of Internet / traffic environment / biodiversity and landscape / disaster-prevention and regional infrastructure), in addition to conventional efforts to create properties with less environmental burden.

Creating lush green malls

Wall greening / Planting

Wall Greening / Planting AEON MALL Kobe Minami
AEON MALL Kobe Minami

Not only does greening of mall roofs and walls improve the scenery but it also suppresses rising of temperature within mall during summer, thus leading to reduction of energy consumption by air conditioners. In addition, we produce pleasant and relaxing spaces by arranging rich green plants around each mall.

AEON Hometown Forests Program

“AEON Hometown Forests Program” started in 1991 in Malaysia. Upon the opening of a new mall, we plant trees that are the most suitable to region's natural environment together with our customers. The cumulative number of planted trees reached 11.6 million trees (Group total) as of the end of February 2018.

Reduction of waste and recycling

To reduce waste discharged from malls, it is important to gain cooperation from specialty stores and have them clarify “what, where, and how much waste is disposed of”, and increase awareness. Each mall has introduced a system where waste is separated into 18 categories and weighed accordingly. After weighing waste of each category, specialty stores paste a sticker indicating weight of waste and collectively dispose of them at specified storage place for each category. We recycle separated garbage as much as possible and keep track of recycling rate for each category. Recycling rate for FY2017 was 86.1%.

Promoting resource recovery and recycling

Promoting resource recovery and recycling

Some AEON MALLs have been promoting used paper recycling through introduction of a system where customers receive recycle points for the corresponding weight of old newspapers and old magazines they bring in. When a certain amount of points is accumulated, they can be exchanged for AEON gift coupons. This system is well received by customers because used paper is collected in dedicated boxes installed in malls, and customers can bring their used paper on the way to shopping at any time. Additionally, we are implementing a system where customers can bring their PET bottles to be collected in exchange for WAON points that we give out in some AEON MALLs.

Total amount of waste discharge and recycling rate in FY2017

Amount of waste discharge and recycling rate
1 Garbage 16,660t 90.2% 2 Cardboard 21,383t 100.0%
3 Miscellaneous refuse 21,293t 64.1% 4 Waste plastic 3,365t 95.0%
5 PET bottles 624t 100.0% 6 Bottles 445t 96.4%
7 Can 647t 100.0% 8 Expanded polystyrene 123t 100.0%
9 Waste oil 1,919t 100.0% 10 Paper 2,794t 100.0%
11 Bulky refuse 254t 87.0% 12 Other incombustible refuse 1,300t 75.4%
13 Waste fluorescent lamp 22t 80.3% 14 Waste battery 10t 82.4%
15 Disposable chopsticks 114t 92.5% 16 Waste alkali peeling liquid 27t 59.1%
17 Sludge 5,361t 86.0% 18 Waste engine oil 2t

Company recycling rate
(including thermal recycling)86.1%

FY2017 Inputs/Outputs
(77 malls in Japan)

FY2017 Inputs/Outputs

Note 1: For the whole mall including common use spaces, AEON and speciality stores. However, waste and the recycling rate apply to speciality stores and AEON MALL office, and copy paper applies to AEON MALL office only.

Note 2: Figures in parentheses are percentages over the previous year.