The Five Pillars of AEON MALL CSRTogether with
Local Communities

Continuous Contribution to Local Society

We maintain close contact with local communities to share and solve issues through exchanges, and commit to meeting the needs of the local people.

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Revitalizing the regional economy

Opening a new mall creates a source of stable employment for the region. This also leads to an increase in tax revenue and population. We do our best to have approximately one-third of specialty stores from the region in the entire mall. In addition, we order much of our work from local companies. This produces good results over a wide range.

Expansion of public services

As a commercial facility bearing a part of the regional infrastructure, we have widely introduced services with high public characteristics, such as a bank, post office, medical institution, and municipal administrative service corner.

Installed early voting places

We provided an environment for easier participation in the ordinary election for the House of Councilors conducted in July 2016 by installing early voting places in 29 AEON MALLs in Japan. In addition, AEON MALL Tsudanuma (Chiba Prefecture) was designated as a voting place for the voting day for the first time in our malls in response to the enforcement of the revised Public Offices Election Law.

Installed early voting places
Installed early voting places

Held a coming-of-age ceremony

In January 2017, AEON MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa (Kyoto Prefecture) held the coming-of-age ceremony of Muko City at AEON Cinema. It was selected as the event site on behalf of the currently closed civic hall, and 394 new adults participated in this Ceremony. AEON MALL Hinode (Tokyo Prefecture) also holds the coming-of-age ceremony of Hinode Town at AEON Hall every year, and 138 new adults participated in the coming-of-age ceremony in 2017.

Held a coming-of-age ceremony
Held a coming-of-age ceremony

Toward a beautiful local environment in the future

Clean & Green Activity

We clean up sidewalks, parks, tree-planting zones and other areas around our malls together with specialty store workers every month on AEON Day as part of our “Clean & Green” activity.

Cleaning a swimming beach

Cleaning a swimming beach

AEON MALL Futtsu (Chiba Prefecture) has been cleaning the Futtsu coast swimming beach for more than 30 times around the summer sea bathing season.

FY2016 Fund-raising Activity Results 
(AEON MALLs throughout Japan)

  Date JPY
Tohoku restoration support Sky Station construction support funds (1) (Mar. 14 – Apr. 1, 2016) 3,997,132
Myanmar school construction support funds (Apr. 2 – Apr. 14, 2016) 1,285,367
The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake emergency relief funds (1) (Apr. 15 – Apr. 24, 2016) 47,921,000
The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake emergency relief funds (2) (Apr. 25 – May 31, 2016) 48,865,363
Tohoku restoration support Sky Station construction support funds (2) (Jun. 1 – Jun. 10, 2016) 780,329
24-hour TV program charity funds (Jun. 11 – Sep. 4, 2016) 33,612,658
10th typhoon damage emergency relief (Tohoku only) (Sep. 5 – Sep. 20, 2016) 527,460
Hokkaido typhoon damage emergency support (Hokkaido only) (Sep. 8 – Sep. 25, 2016) 118,880
Central Italy fund-raising emergency relief (except Tohoku, Hokkaido, Kyushu) (Sep. 7 – Oct. 2, 2016) 3,523,484
AEON safe water campaign (Oct. 4 – Oct. 30, 2016) 2,670,503
Central Tottori Prefecture Earthquake emergency relief (Oct. 24 – Nov. 20, 2016) 122,762
Asia disabled person support funds (Nov. 5 – Dec. 4, 2016) 3,154,696
Tohoku restoration support Sky Station construction support funds (3) (Dec. 5, 2016 – Feb. 10, 2017) 3,566,637
Itoigawa big fire emergency relief funds (Dec. 24, 2016 – Jan. 9, 2017) 85,756
Ground building project support funds (Jan. 28, 2017 – Feb. 28, 2017) 379,361
    Total JPY: 150,611,388

Mall's original project for enhancing the regional attractiveness

"Ultimate Localization 2016" for which young employees and flextime employees (part-time workers) of each mall as main members worked on the creation of a project for making the region more attractive in order to realize the "challenge toward ultimate localization" that is one of our management visions. 16 projects were carefully selected and executed from among 197 applications, surpassing the number from last year.

Excellence prize "Ultimate Orange Competition - Wakayama vs. Ehime"
AEON MALL Wakayama (Wakayama Prefecture) / AEON MALL Imabari New City (Ehime Prefecture)

Ultimate Orange Competition - Wakayama vs. Ehime

Wishing to enhance the promotion of both regions through the competition between oranges produced in Wakayama and oranges produced in Ehime. Such an unprecedented project was realized thanks to the support from Arita City and JA Ochi-imabari. On the day of the event, the first 1,000 customers enjoyed comparing the taste of these oranges in both malls, and local mascots livened up the event; thus, the event was a great success with about 1,500 people gathering in Wakayama and about 1,100 people gathering in Imabari New City. This event had become the topic of conversation prior to the event because both regions have a special feeling for oranges, and it was covered by a lot of media. Everybody from Arita City and JA Ochi-imabari who cooperated in this event gave a high evaluation because it was a great public relations campaign.

Customers gave us their many impressions, "Very different when compared". I would like customers to be interested in local oranges and and other prefectures’ products, and feel it is "fun to choose" through this event.

Tomoko Kitagawa
Sales Division
AEON MALL Wakayama

Tomoko Kitagawa

Although the purpose of the event was to promote the attractiveness of both prefectures through food tasting, there were more customers than expected who seriously took the result of victory or defeat. Based on our experiences, we would like to make this project grow stronger.

Akira Ito
Sales Manager
AEON MALL Imabari New City

Akira Ito

Excellence prize “The circle of Okazaki volleyball activity is growing!” 
AEON MALL Okazaki (Aichi Prefecture)

“The circle of Okazaki volleyball activity is growing!”

We planned this event for the purpose of contributing to the health of residents in the region by further promoting Okazaki’s volleyball culture that had flourished through the school club and mom's volleyball activities. We carried out support events in which the team members can communicate with customers, such as supporting the mom's volleyball team with an exclusive trainer of Sports Authority, fan meetings by inviting players of a women's team “Denso Airybees” of the V Challenge League I to the mall, and having people become the shop manager for a day. We plan to resume games of brand-new regular members' team of the mom's volleyball that had been discontinued for 10 years as “AEON MALL Cup - Fresher's Tournament Memorial”.

I planned this project in my first year of joining the company. I came up with the theme by thinking of what residents in the region like and can be fascinated with, and worked it out while consulting my boss and my seniors to carry out an event within the budget as I envisioned. I received words of appreciation, “We are glad to have been supported with larger events than we imagined”, from all members of Denso Airybees.

Fuyumi Nakamoto
Operation Division

Fuyumi Nakamoto