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New Trends of Our Overseas Malls

New Trends of Our Overseas Malls

Since the opening of the first overseas mall in Beijing, China in 2008, we have been opening malls in China and the ASEAN countries against the background of the success in existing malls.
We are creating new value in each country through the construction of advanced malls equipped with the latest environmental equipment, and actively promoting localization of management.

The 3rd mall in Ho Chi Minh - Advanced entertainment mall
AEON MALL Binh Tan (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

AEON MALL Binh Tan (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
AEON MALL Binh Tan (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) AEON MALL Binh Tan (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

8.4 million customers visited our mall in half a year since the opening in July 2016. We received many opinions such as, "I was moved by the wide space and beauty of the mall."
We are proud that our mall is providing a high-level environment where customers can enjoy shopping safely and securely, which other commercial facilities in Vietnam lack. Considering the situation of the region where the electric power circumstance is unstable, electricity is being received via a dual line including a line for backup, and electric power used in the mall is ready to be backed up by emergency generators if a power failure or a disaster occurs. In addition, we are trying to ensure safety from the viewpoint of hardware as well as software to safely guide the evacuation of customers who are not familiar with the building, rescue and aid them, and perform initial fire extinguishing in the event of a fire, for example by having an “internal fire defense team” composed of all our employees.
Furthermore, we adopted a solar power generation facility for the first time among the AEON Group’s shopping malls in Vietnam, and introduced advanced environmental facilities such as the use of LED lighting lamps for illuminations and signs and adoption of highly efficient air conditioners. Moreover, we have received favorable reputations from customers by arranging plants in various places so that greenery is always viewable from anywhere in the building.

Shinya Kawabata

Shinya Kawabata
General Manager


Out mall with a beer restaurant having expansive terrace seats as an anchor tenant. The environment and scenery are given consideration by arranging greenery on and around walls and pillars.


Solar cell modules with a total generating capacity of 320 kWh are installed on the roofs of the parking lot and the motorbike parking space. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emission by about 270 tons a year.


A forest park designed in the image of a forest is in the restaurant zone on the 3rd floor. Providing a comfortable space where customers can always feel the greenery nearby.


The operating state of the solar power generation facility and various environmental initiatives are introduced to customers at Eco-information.

The first mall opened in Hebei Province led by the local staff
AEON MALL Hebei Yanjiao (Hebei Province, China)

AEON MALL Hebei Yanjiao (Hebei Province, China)
AEON MALL Hebei Yanjiao (Hebei Province, China) AEON MALL Hebei Yanjiao (Hebei Province, China)

I have been working at AEON MALL since the first mall was opened in China, and have become the person in charge of opening a new mall as the first Chinese chairperson this time. Wishing to help local customers feel high-level services as well as safety and security of a commercial facility from Japan, about 20 Chinese staff members showed an incredible degree of teamwork and proceeded with preparations in cooperation with the development, construction, and leasing departments.
For localization of human resources, good teamwork and trusting relationships through good communication are extremely important. I think that building a secure and reliable network in the local community by continuing careful dialogue in all respects including negotiations with the government, consultations with specialty stores, and dealing with customers is a condition for our long-term success.
There has been an increased awareness of the environment in China, so a lot of people have become more cooperative in trash separation and collection of waste batteries. The number of health-conscious people has increased; therefore, the walking course is very well received by customers saying that there is no place where they can take a walk safely when there is photochemical smog.

Wang Yong

Wang Yong
General Manager
AEON MALL Hebei Yanjiao


A 640-meter mall walking course has been set inside the building for customers to enjoy taking a walk through the mall for their health. Signposts indicating the walking distance and consumed calories are placed together with benches at intervals of 50 meters.


A basketball court is set up inside the building as a symbol of a sports zone where popular brands gather.

専用駐車場51台 開閉を遠隔操作するゲートバー

51 parking spaces for physically handicapped customers are provided. Each of these spaces is sufficiently wide, and is provided with a gate bar that can be operated remotely.