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Safety Management in Malls
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Creating Malls Resitant to Disasters

Strengthening of disaster response measures utilizing the strengths of our group

The AEON Group is aggressively promoting cooperation with companies outside our group by further strengthening measures against natural disasters.
We are a company with large-scale shopping malls nationwide and we hope that each mall can function more effectively as a regional disaster-prevention base through collaboration with efforts of the group across the nation.

JAL and AEON concluded an agreement regarding the transportation of emergency supplies

イオン株式会社 緊急物資の輸送
JAL×イオン株式会社 緊急物資の輸送提携
イオン株式会社 緊急物資 バルーン

New partnership between an airline company and a retailing company

In March 2016, Japan Airlines (JAL) and AEON Co., Ltd. concluded an “Agreement regarding the Transportation of Emergency Supplies” stipulating that both parties will cooperate with each other to transport emergency supplies. This agreement is to confirm that AEON asks JAL to transport emergency supplies and JAL will accept to cooperate in the transportation under certain conditions, for example, in the case when local residents are evacuated due to the occurrence of a disaster, and it is the first case in Japan that an airline company and a retailing company have concluded an agreement like this.

Emergency supplies were speedily airlifted as the initial response

The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake occurred about one month after the conclusion of this agreement. Immediately after the occurrence, we delivered daily necessities in cooperation with external partners, upon receipt of requests for about 5.3 million emergency support supplies from 11 groups including Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto City, Ozu Town, Mifune Town, Oita Prefecture, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Ground Self-Defense Force, and the Japanese Red Cross Society. JAL arranged airplanes for loading cargoes, and we airlifted emergency relief supplies and commodities to be sold in stores by using a total of 49 flights for 5 days when the disaster occurred.

Speedy disaster relief with large loading capacity

Upon the request of Kamimashikigun Mifune Town in Kumamoto Prefecture on April 16, 2016, we airlifted a large tent “Balloon Shelter” for emergency evacuation from Tokyo International Airport to Nagasaki Airport with the cooperation of JAL. With the cooperation of the Ground Self-Defense Force in Nagasaki Prefecture, we delivered the tent by truck to “Mifune Town Meeting Plaza”, an evacuation area. AEON Delight Co., Ltd. of our group company quickly installed a temporary evacuation area by setting up the Balloon Shelter, and transported 3,000 blankets by air to the relief supply accumulation place in Kumamoto Prefectural Comprehensive Sports Park.

AEON acquired the ISO22301 certification

In February 2017, AEON acquired the international standard "ISO22301" certification of the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) as an approach involving headquarters functional departments and stores for the first time in the general retail industry of Japan. We acquired this certification for the group crisis management operation, operation and management of the shopping mall in AEON MALL Makuhari New City, general retail business, and comprehensive facility management service, as the scope of activity registration.

As a disaster-prevention mall symbolizing restoration
(Tentative name) AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama (Fukushima Prefecture) Will be opened in the summer of 2018

In August 2016, we began full-scale building construction of AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama (tentative name) within the “Onahama Port Hinterland Earthquake Disaster Restoration Land Readjustment Project” area damaged by the tsunami after the Great East Japan Earthquake. This mall is located in the Toshi Center Zone of “Onahama Port Hinterland Development Vision”. With the concept of “Onahama Port Town ‘Cruise’ Mall”, we will achieve a disaster-prevention mall integrating culture, information, and pleasure as well as contributing to the “Creation of a Vibrant City Base” as a symbol of restoration.

(Tentative name) AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama (Fukushima Prefecture)
(Tentative name) AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama (Fukushima Prefecture) (Tentative name) AEON MALL Iwaki Onahama (Fukushima Prefecture)

Approaches as a disaster-prevention mall

Measures as a temporary evacuation building

Measures as a temporary evacuation building

This mall has a function to temporarily accept evacuees by opening in-store walkways connected with the evacuation decks in the event of a disaster. Evacuation floors are the 3rd and 4th floors (stores) and rooftop floor (parking lot).

Consideration of important facility installation positions

Important facilities such as receiving and transforming facilities and water receiving tanks are arranged above the assumed maximum flood height so that the mall can maintain functions of these facilities and play a role as one of regional restoration base even if the mall should suffer flood damage caused by the tsunami (tidal wave).

Securing of the function as a restoration base during earthquake disaster time

With the assumption of emergency responses during earthquake disaster time, to ensure the safety and security of customers, our top priority is to supply power generated by emergency generators, to various facilities such as disaster-prevention facilities, security system, and water supply system, main management offices such as Disaster-Prevention Center and AEON MALL office, and AEON food sales areas. In addition, water in the water receiving tank is supplied as drinkable water to the emergency water tap on the 4th floor even during water supply cutoff or power outage. Drinking water can be supplied from the emergency water tap that is installed near the water receiving tank even when the supply of the emergency power source has stopped. Furthermore, AEON Hall in the building can be used as a resting place for evacuees as lighting, air-conditioning, water supply, and mobile phone charging receptacles are available by using the emergency power source.

Securing of the function as a restoration base during earthquake disaster time