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Diversifying Regional Contribution

Together with local communities, we make events with global impacts

AEON MALL functioning as a base for transmitting information to the customers who come there.
We will enrich the lives of residents in the region by creating chances for people to come in contact with the unknown world and new experiences.

Implementation of "AEON MALL Rakugo"

"AEON MALL Rakugo" that has been held since 2013 has attracted a lot of attention in various regions. The Fukudanji Katsura shisho (master) school performs classical rakugo (comic storytelling) and sign languge rakugo and entertains customers at the events we put on at our malls throughout Japan. When we held "AEON MALL Rakugo" in AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom this fiscal year, rakugo in English was held for the first time by inviting Ms. Diane Kichijitu, a female rakugoka (traditional comic story teller) who was born in England, as a special guest. In addition, we visited 6 elementary schools and gave on-site public performances, providing an opportunity for children to experience the rakugo culture and sign language. We plan to expand the on-site public performances to about 10 schools in FY2017.

The Fukudanji Katsura shisho (master)
Ms. Diane Kichijitu

Toward a society where everyone can become familiar with sign language

The experience of having lost my voice temporarily due to vocal cord polyps became my motivation to learn sign language. I began sign language rakugo with the wish to make friends who are hard-of-hearing smile through my sign language rakugo (traditional comic storytelling), and the rakugo has gradually gained popularity and support. While I want hearing-impaired people to enjoy my rakugo, I also want to spread sign language to physically unimpaired persons, and I am very grateful to be invited to AEON MALLs in various parts of Japan. I hope that a society would emerge where many people become interested in rakugo and can have the opportunity to use sign language as "seen words" as often as possible. My dream is to transmit the culture of sign language rakugo as a “Paralymtheater” at the Tokyo Olympics scheduled to be held in 2020.

The 4th Fukudanji Katsura

The 4th Fukudanji Katsura

Held the “Traditional Handicrafts Exhibition”

Held the “Traditional Handicrafts Exhibition”

“Traditional Handicrafts” specified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry from among arts and crafts that have been made by hand and used in daily life. We held the “Traditional Handicrafts Exhibition” in the 4 malls so that customers will become more familiar with the attractiveness. Besides exhibition sales and video introduction, we gave customers the opportunity to experience workshops to learn how to create a craft using 'yuzen chiyogami' (Japanese decorativepaper) and pour Japanese tea.

Challenging the Guinness World Records® 
AEON MALL Neyagawa (Osaka Prefecture)

In AEON MALL Neyagawa that had been patronized for 38 years and was tentatively closed on August 31, 2016, we challenged the Guinness World Records® of “the largest star-shaped art of paper folding” with residents in the region for 4 days from July 28, 2016, and gained success.


Felt a sense of accomplishment with local residents

I was born in Neyagawa, so I have a special attachment to the region. I often played as a child here and when the temporary closure of AEON MALL Neyagawa was decided, I thought about something memorable I could do with residents in the region. I came up with the idea to challenge the world record by displaying the art of paper folding. As a result of my several visits to Neyagawa City Hall, the city and local group members and I established “Neyagawa City SAKURA Huge Art Executive Committee”, and we were able to challenge the Guinness record while promoting cherry trees (the tree of the city).
But when we started, it was unexpectedly difficult to fold ’origami' (paper folding) into accurate star shapes, and more than 80 percent of about 10,000 sheets of origami we prepared at the beginning failed in the screening. We were very confused, and we turned pale for a time because the achievement of the record might not be possible. Even then, thanks to the cooperation of about 3,000 customers and residents in the region and volunteer staff members, we could somehow achieve the world record by completing the huge art made with 19,833 sheets of origami on the last day. As the temporary closure of AEON MALL Neyagawa was widely talked about and known to customers, a lot of customers visited our mall nostalgically. I am very thankful to our company which allowed me to challenge something that I would not have been able to accomplish on my own and to my boss who approved the project bearing the risk.

Shingo Iwatani
Sales staff
AEON MALL Neyagawa

Shingo Iwatani

With our feelings of gratitude of the last 38 years

この街とともに38年 心をこめてありがとう

Through in-depth discussions with people from various quarters, we have been preparing to temporarily close the mall. Although it was painful for me to inform our staff members, employees of the specialty stores and our staff members who live nearby of the closing, all members united to liven up the mall to the last minute. As we received a lot of memories and episodes from customers, I realized how much this mall was loved by residents in the region. Most specialty stores continued their operation until the last day by extending the contract, and the building was full of customers' energy up to the last moment.

Naoto Takashiro

Naoto Takashiro
General Manager
AEON MALL Neyagawa