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Mall of "Happiness"

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working place

Partnership with specialty stores

Nowadays, labor shortages have become a social problem in Japan, such as difficulty in hiring employees and higher employee turnover, so we are striving to improve ES (employee satisfaction) at specialty stores which joined AEON MALLs by improving work environment where staff can work long in malls.

Development Goals


Established best practice "ES Section"

AEON MALL has been giving awards to activities at each mall as the “best practice” and trying to expand them to other malls.
The "ES Section" newly established in FY2017 selected following activities as an activity which lead to improvement of work environment for employees of specialty stores.

Collecting “compliments”

Collecting “compliments”
Collecting “compliments”

Believing that compliments lead to increase of motivation, AEON MALL Shijonawate (Osaka Prefecture) has been collecting “compliments” which were given to specialty stores in the mall. 94 heartwarming messages were gathered in ten days, for which staff members were very pleased.

Reducing work burden after closing of stores

AEON MALL Okazaki (Aichi Prefecture) has been improved work environment by adding money depositing machines, allowing use of cargo elevators, distributing bus timetables, and making clean work of restaurants consignable to malls, so that employees of specialty stores can leave the mall quickly after closing.

From Diversity Promotion Working Group

From Diversity Promotion Working Group

By holding working group’s meeting on a regular basis, “Diversity Promotion Working Group” that is made up of specialty stores and related departments of each AEON group company has been creating a pleasant work environment incorporating opinions of the specialty store staff members who work at the property. When selecting the best practice "ES Section", committee members of Diversity Promotion Working Group also participated as a jury member. At the work group's meeting in February 2018
(The man second from the right is Akio Mishima, Managing
Director and General Manager of Sales Division.)

Focusing on ES for customers also

I have had many frank discussions since about 2 years ago as the committee representative of Diversity Promotion Working Group. Nowadays, the biggest problem of specialty stores is human resource shortage. Improving ES is important because customers can have a pleasant experience when employees are satisfied with their workplaces and proud of their works. We would like to continue making proposals also from viewpoint of women so that everyone can feel rewarded and keep working in his or her own way.

Chieko Inoue
Vice President
Happiness & D Co., Ltd.

Chieko Inoue

Working together as one

In the case of AEON MALL Shijonawate, I think it is wonderful that words of thanks from customers are visualized and pleasures of being engaged in customer service are shared.In the case of AEON MALL Okazaki, we evaluated that problems are identified from employees and speedily improved.I think that each mall has different issues and things it can do, and I hope that all staff members of the mall will work together to widely spread importance of working together as one.

Shinichi Sakaguchi
Managing Director

Shinichi Sakaguchi

Teamwork beyond border of stores

In the applied cases, there was a report that employees of mall and employees of specialty stores are engaged in club activities beyond border of stores such as futsal and English conversation lessons. Employees of specialty stores tend to suffer loneliness, for example, because days off from work do not match with their friends and colleagues, but there are actually many friends at the mall. I believe that it is possible to create an environment where everyone can work with more energy and vigor if people of various types of businesses gather and a sense of unity in the mall is obtained.

Akira Morita
Morita Co., Ltd.

Akira Morita

Providing WAON points corresponding to work days

WAON points

As one of the efforts in ES, we have started providing employees of the specialty stores with WAON points corresponding to number of work attendances (one WAON point per work attendance) at our 23 malls in stage since May 2017. This is well-received as staff of stores can obtain economic benefits. We will further increase the number of malls that introduce this system.