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Diversifying Regional Contribution

Becoming indispensable bases of promoting culture for local communities

We will meet local needs beyond the sphere of conventional commercial facility as a place not only for enjoying shopping and eating but also for getting people together and nurture tradition and culture.

Newly established the first city library in the mall AEON MALL Tsugaru Kashiwa (Aomori Prefecture)

Tsugaru City Library was opened at AEON MALL Tsugaru Kashiwa. It is the first city library for Tsugaru City, and opening the main public library in the AEON MALL building is the first case in Japan. As its sophisticated design became a big topic, about 4,600 people visited the library even on the opening day, and 200,000 visitors to the mall were achieved as of February 15, 2017.

Tsugaru City Library
A café is located adjacent to the entrance

A café is located adjacent to the entrance. Customers can, of course, use the café for resting, and bring in drinking bottles with a lid except in certain restricted areas of the building.

Wooden apple boxes local farmers use for delivery are utilized as display boxes, which blend in with the warm space.

Wooden apple boxes local farmers use for delivery are utilized as display boxes, which blend in with the warm space.

Valuable local materials and an extensive range of materials relating to agriculture that is the key industry of Tsugaru City are available.

Valuable local materials and an extensive range of materials relating to agriculture that is the key industry of Tsugaru City are available.

Tsugaru City Library

Citizens’ long-awaited public library

Tsugaru City in Aomori Prefecture was born in 2005 through a merger of a town and 4 villages, and this is the first public library including towns and villages before the merger, for which the citizens were waiting for a long time. The library is more sophisticated than we imagined. By casually expressing local characteristics, for example, by arranging apple boxes around the pillars, it has gained a good reputation. We had students in local junior high school and high school create POPs with hand-written recommendation messages for the books recommended by the students. I hope the citizens will develop good reading habits, and work hard at their studies here. As AEON MALL is a place where citizens of all generations gather as a commercial facility that supports the people's lives, I expect that the mall will further demonstrate the function as an epicenter of culture.

Seiki TsushimaSocial Education Culture Division
Manager Tsugaru City Board of

Seiki Tsushima

Both the original function of library and convenience are achieved

I felt a new possibility in the idea of constructing a main library in the commercial facility. Although the population of Tsugaru City is less than 34,000 people, the card user's registration exceeded 5,000 in about one month after the opening. I believe, unlike a conventional library that tends to be oppressive, that the design and atmosphere where everyone can casually and easily walk in were widely accepted. The new style of the library such as the case where beverages can be brought in from the jointly located café tends to get the focus, but on the other hand, shelves are arranged based on the Japanese Decimal Classification, to value the library's original function that is useful for everyone through the provision of information, and materials concerning employment support including agriculture that is the key industry of the city, local materials, and other materials are gathered in abundance. In recent years, people want a library to take on the role as a third place that is a midway point between home and workplace/school so I hope that the library will be used as a relaxing place for everyone.

Sachiko YamashitaTsugaru City Library
Designated Administrator
TRC Library Service Inc.

Sachiko Yamashita

As a place where customers interact with each other

The plan was brought into reality about one year before the opening. Initially, we were doubtful whether it would work or not because we could not create a specific image, but I gradually became convinced this would succeed by repeating in-depth discussions with Tsugaru City and the people concerned. We are considering the citizens' convenience by setting up a local office of Tsugaru City adjacent to the library. Although there were concerns about whether the bookstore and the library can coexist in the shopping mall, we reached the conclusion that it would be better to pursue ways where a synergy effect is produced, for example by cooperating with each other. We have had various interactions with Tsugaru City. Although we have had various interactions with Tsugaru City, from now on we would like to develop the mall into a mall indispensable for the region through close communication with the citizens, for example by getting local schools and groups to present their activities here.

Hiroshi Kase

Hiroshi Kase
General Manager
AEON MALL Tsugaru Kashiwa

Public libraries are also set up inside the 2 mall buildings in the Kansai region

West Branch Office of Itami City Library
AEON MALL Itamikoya (Hyogo Prefecture)
伊丹市立図書館 西分室

Opened in 2011. About half of the library collection are children's books. The library is also used conveniently as a drop-in spot for returning the books borrowed from the main library or the branch library, and receiving reserved books.

Ibaraki City Hozumi Library
AEON MALL Ibaraki (Osaka Prefecture)

This library was opened in 2001 as the 5th library in the city. About 90,000 books and audiovisual materials are owned by the library on 2 floors. We have received a good reputation from customers who like the convenience of being able to easily use the library while shopping.