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Diversifying Regional Contribution

Health & Wellness

For healthy lifestyles of residents in the region

"Health & Wellness" on which the AEON group works for customers' mentally and physically affluent lives.
Our company has begun working on new initiatives that effectively utilizes wide commercial facilities.

Mall Walking for promoting health

The AEON group has been committed to the philosophy of "Health & Wellness" aiming to develop a town where people can live in affluently both physically and mentally, and our company is seeking a variety of approaches for healthy lives of residents in the region at our malls throughout Japan. In particular, we have been accelerating “Mall Walking” activities as an approach to effectively utilize a large-scale commercial facility.


AEON MALL as a health hub in the regions

As a hub for the health of local community, we have been implementing walking classrooms in the safe mall building that is not influenced by weather and town walking in a comfortable environment around the mall with a theme of “Walk” that is the basis of good health. We carried out these events in about 30 malls in FY2016, and we plan to fully expand “Mall Walking” activities to our malls throughout Japan in the future. The provision of “AEON Health Point” in cooperation with our group companies was held in 10 malls through collaboration with local governments in various parts of Japan in FY2016, and further expansion is expected in FY2017. We are working to verify the effect of the lifestyle-related disease preventive model through collaboration among industries, government and universities in Aomori Prefecture, and will continue various initiatives as a base for promoting the health of customers in the future.

Hiroyuki Ishii
Digital Promotion Project Leader and
Health & Wellness Promotion Project Leader

Digital Promotion Project Leader and Health & Wellness Promotion Project Leader Hiroyuki Ishii

Supporting health physically and mentally

We have been improving the environment from the viewpoint of hardware such as setting pedestrian-friendly courses inside and outside the building and installing signs indicating distances and calorie calculations at regular intervals, and we have also been supporting customers from the viewpoint of planning such as providing the opportunity for new customers to participate in walking events by inviting entertainers and athletes. To practice the Health & Wellness philosophy pursuing the feeling of mental well-being, we are promoting the advancement of culture and art, for example, by holding manzai (comical dialogue) and rakugo (traditional comic storytelling) to entertain customers (refer to page 16), and by holding an event for customers to listen to healing music at the AEON Hall where the illumination is darkened.

Sachiko Miyajima
General Manager
Event Planning Section
Marketing Department
& Creation Experience Project Coordinator

General Manager Event Planning Section Marketing Department<br>& Creation Experience Project Coordinator Sachiko Miyajima

Held the “Dementia Nursing Supporter Training Course”
AEON MALL Inagawa (Hyogo Prefecture)

In September 2016, AEON MALL Inagawa held the “Dementia Nursing Supporter Training Course” for employees of the whole mall by inviting regional caravan mates. As Japan becomes an aging society, this course was held so that the customers can acquire the right knowledge about dementia which is a familiar yet misunderstood condition, and experience practical role-playing. Those employees who participated in this course newly became a dementia nursing supporter.


Social Welfare Service Corporation Inagawa Town Social Welfare Council
Members of Inagawa Town Community General Support Center

Usually, I am invited by regional resident’s associations, schools, etc. to hold training courses. I would like everybody to understand that dementia is not a disease; therefore, patients with dementia can live feeling secure if they can get the people around them to understand and support them, and the local community to watch out for them.

Tatsuo Yamashita Manager of Community General Support Center Assistant Manager of Regional Home Section
Tatsuo Yamashita
Manager of Community
General Support Center
Assistant Manager of
Regional Home Section

In recent years, the period when the symptom of dementia is mild tends to have increased in length. However, the fact is that a support system is not yet in place for this period. We would like to create a society where dementia patients can enjoy shopping or taking a walk with the help of neighbors and personnel of the stores they often visit.

Junko Sugano Chief Care Manager
Junko Sugano
Chief Care Manager

Although there are some people who try to conceal the fact that their family members are suffering from dementia, they will not be able to survive without the support and help from the people around them in the future. Persons with dementia will gradually become relaxed if we talk to them in a loud voice with a smile while maintaining eye contact with them at their level.

Yoshie Yamamoto Nurse Chief Care Manager
Yoshie Yamamoto
Chief Care Manager

Working together to solve regional problems

Aging of the residents is one of the problems for which measures should be taken in as soon as possible for any local government. Even in Inagawa Town with a population of more than 30,000 people, cases frequently happen in which persons with dementia go out and go missing, and applications are submitted to the police for a search. Therefore, not only administrative bodies and social welfare councils, but also the whole town and community should cooperate to watch out for them and support them. Under these circumstances, it is really encouraging that AEON MALL, the largest business operator in the town, is making such efforts. I was impressed by the staff's passion for trying to learn seriously.

Yoshinobu Sawa

Yoshinobu Sawa
Welfare and Services Division
Life Affairs Department, Inagawa Town

All employees with the same point of view as customers

As we wanted all employees working in this mall to serve customers from the same point of view, we made plans about 3 months ago, and got not only employees of the specialty stores but also people in charge of cleaning, security, guidance, etc. to participate in this training course. It is of course important for them to make the best use of such an experience, and we called on them with the words, "Let's study for ourselves" because this problem will become more familiar to anyone in the future. Although they were a little puzzled at the beginning, they smiled saying, "I am glad I took the training course" after the training course was finished. I am sure that increasing the number of dementia supporters continuously will lead to repaying the region.

Hiroko Nagaoka General Manager AEON MALL Inagawa

Hiroko Nagaoka
General Manager